System Design(LLD + HLD) by Concept && Coding

Udemy System Design(LLD + HLD) by Concept && Coding

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What you'll learn​

  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design
  • System Design Interview Questions
  • Overall System Design combined both HLD and LLD


  • OOPs knowledge


System Design is asked in many companies(no matter senior, staff or sde2), its important skill which an engineer should have.
Being 8+ year of experience and currently working as Staff Engineer if one of the big fintech MNC.
I have use my knowledge and created this course which will help you to build solid foundation and understanding.

Please note few videos might be in Hindi in both LLD and HLD


  • Network Protocols
  • CAP Theorem
  • Microservices Design Patterns
  • Scale from 0 to Million
  • Consistent Strategy
  • Design URL Shortening Service
  • Back of the Envelope Estimate
  • Design a Key-Value store
  • SQL vs NoSQL
  • Design WhatsApp System
  • Design Rate Limiter
  • Design Idempotent POST API
  • Design High Availability System
  • Kafka (Distributed Messaging Queue)
  • Proxy vs Reverse Proxy
  • Load Balancer and its algorithms
  • Distributed Caching System
  • Distributed Transactions (2PC, 3PC, SAGA)
  • Database Indexing
  • Distributed Concurrency Control
  • Two Phase Locking
  • OAuth 2.0

LLD Topics Covered
Strategy Pattern,
Observer Pattern,
Decorator Pattern,
Factory Pattern,
Abstract Factory Pattern,
Chain of Responsibility Pattern,
Proxy Pattern,
Null Object Pattern,
State Pattern,
Composite Pattern,
Adapter Pattern,
Singleton Pattern,
Builder Pattern,
Prototype Pattern,
Bridge Pattern,
Facade Pattern,
Flyweight Pattern,
Command Pattern,
Iterator Pattern,
Mediator Pattern,
Memento Pattern,
Template Pattern,
Interpreter Pattern
SOLID Principles,
Design Splitwise,
Design BookmyShow,
Design ATM,
Design Snake n Ladder,
Design Tic Tac Toe,
Design Elevator System,
Design Parking Lot,
Design Car Rental System,
Design Inventory Management System,
Design Cricbuzz

Who this course is for:​

  • Backend Software engineers

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Language: Hindi & English

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