HamedBahram - The Ultimate NextJs Course

HamedBahram - The Ultimate NextJs Course

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NextJs is a powerful framework for building fullstack React applications. It makes it easy to create fast, SEO-friendly websites and web applications that are optimized for performance.
The new app router, built on top of React server components and suspense, introduced in NextJs 13 and now fully stable in NextJs 14, makes building full-stack React applications easier.
I'll teach you everything you need to know to start building with NextJs 14. From the basics of setting up a NextJs project to advanced concepts like nested layouts, dynamic rendering, revalidating, mutations, suspense, and error boundaries.
Take the first step towards becoming a NextJs expert today.


  • Getting started
  • Your first app
  • Routing
  • Rendering
  • Data fetching
  • NextJs components
  • Advanced routing
  • Authentication
  • TypeScript
  • Projects

Tech Stack​

  • TailwindCSS (styling)
  • Framer motion (animation)
  • MongoDB & PlanetScale (database)
  • Next-Auth & Clerk (authentication)
  • Prismic (headless CMS)
  • MDX (markdown)
  • Stripe (payments)
  • Swell (ecommerce)
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