Income School - Project 24 2021

WSO Income School - Project 24 2021

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Our Step-by-Step Approach to Profitable Niche Sites and YouTube Channels
Dozens of easily-made mistakes could completely stall your site. You’ll have a step-by-step system to follow to avoid failures.

Members-Only Podcast to Give You the Newest Techniques
You’ll know the latest SEO, marketing, and monetization strategies from Jim and Ricky’s members-only podcast.

A Community of People Like You That Have Your Back
You’ll face problems from SEO questions to technical issues to discouragement. The community will fix them for you in no time flat.

A Growing Library of Courses to Learn How to Succeed
You’re gaining access to not just one course, but a full library. You’ll never wonder how to tackle the next phase of your blog.

For Beginners

For those of you starting a blog for the first time, you’ll find a step-by-step process to walk you through everything you need to do to have a successful site. You’ll see how to set up WordPress, install the right plugins, set up your site for SEO, and write the right type of content to reliably get traffic.

For Those Who Have Tried and Failed

One of the largest groups of people in Project 24 are those who have tried and failed with internet marketing and taking courses from “gurus.” We hear from them all the time, and it’s really exciting when we hear from some of them who are finally succeeding.

Project 24 is a step-by-step process. There are SO many tiny things you have to remember and do right if you want a site to succeed, and while many courses share good tips, they leave you hanging by skipping over other important details.

We have had hundreds of people go through Project 24. Every time Ricky or Jim sees one of their sites and something they missed, they go back to the 60-steps and make sure it’s in there so no one will make that mistake again. The course receives almost weekly updates.

We know you feel jaded at this point about internet marketing, but you KNOW there is huge potential. We have helped many people in your exact same situation to get to success. Put us to work for you.

For Advanced Internet Marketers

You’ll learn the up-to-the-moment cutting-edge internet marketing techniques in the Project 24 Podcast. Jim and Ricky share in season one how they took Camper Report from $2,000/month and changed the monetization to get it to $8,000 per month.

In season 2 of the podcast, they share EVERYTHING about Project Rexburg: costs of writing an article, how to scale with freelance writers, and more. You’ll learn how to scale up your blogging operation. But, there’s a lot more. Many of the courses in Project 24 are absolutely applicable to you. The course on monetizing with ads, SEO, and others are especially important.

The 60-step process for building a site will have many steps you can fly through (for example how to set up WordPress), but will also include important things that will be new to you. Jim and Ricky have several videos showing their exact keyword research process and what types of keywords generate the best results for them.

Does the course work for someone with an established site?​

Yep! We have lots of veteran site owners in Project 24. Generally, we recommend you go through the 60-steps course pretending your site is brand new–even if it’s established. On step 1 where you install WordPress, you just skip it. On step 2 we recommend our plugins and you just check your site to see if you have the functionality you need. After the first 5 steps of setting things up, the course becomes 100% applicable. You’ll write a new batch of content on your site to build traffic.
But more than building traffic, there’s a ton more in Project 24. Ricky’s course on monetizing with ads could significantly improve your income no matter how big or small your site is. The Project 24 Podcast Season 2 is all about scaling a site by hiring writers for cheap, which is totally applicable to you.
Plus, we have many advanced internet marketers in the Project 24 community who have been around the block more than once. You’ll be able to learn from them and share your knowledge with others.

Is Project 24 a guarantee of success?​

Heck no. Your business will succeed only based on your skill and effort in building your business. While we do our best to provide you with the best direction for your Youtube channel or blog, no business is guaranteed. “Project 24” is not a guarantee of success–especially not in any particular time-frame. We use the name “Project 24” to refer to the goal of some people to create a business in 24 months that replaces their day job, but this is a goal and not a promise or guarantee of this success. Creating a successful business requires skill, hard work, and time.

Is this for beginners or advanced internet marketers?​

Project 24 isn’t a single course. It’s a library of courses, a podcast, a vlog, a community, etc. There are resources for people at every level. Advanced internet marketers will get more from the podcast, the vlog, and some of the more advanced courses. Beginners will get the most from the 60 steps and the community.

Does Project 24 work for platforms other than WordPress?​

Some of the instruction in Project 24 is specific to WordPress. But most of it is about creating content and is platform agnostic.
Most Project 24 members, and therefore those in the community, use WordPress and will be most helpful at answering WordPress related questions. But if you really like your platform and don’t want to switch to WordPress, Project 24 will still be a huge help for gaining traffic and monetizing your site through great content!

Can you use Project 24 for eCommerce sites?​

There are several Project 24 members with eCommerce sites. Project 24 teaches you how to create content that attracts a targeted group of users to your site. How you monetize that traffic can vary widely from site to site, and eCommerce is just one of the many ways you can monetize a Project 24 site.
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