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  1. theatomize

    Pure React (Pro) - Workshop Videos

    Source: https://www.purereact.com/PURE REACT PRO INCLUDESModern JavaScript Essentials for React Can't tell which parts of the code are React, and which are JavaScript? Before you can work effectively with modern frameworks like React, you've gotta understand the language it's based on (or at...
  2. theatomize

    [EBOOK] Pure React v4.2 (w/ Excercises and Examples)

    OG URL : https://www.purereact.com/Pure React Learn to think in React You don't know React. But not for lack of trying!Tutorials, books, courses, podcasts, blog posts… you've done 'em all, or you've tried to.You've followed along, and sure, it made at least some kind of sense while you...