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  1. TUTProfessor

    Ultimate Courses - React State Management

    Uncover new React Hook best practices and patterns for managing state. You'll learn the most challenging new patterns and concepts in modern React.What you'll learn Hooks, context, components, state management. Dive into the brand new patterns for mastering state in React apps and supercharge...
  2. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - TypeScript Pro

    Master Course in TypeScript. Will comprehensively show you how to build real applications using real examples.
  3. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - TypeScript Masterclass

    Advanced TypeScript, comprehensively covered in real-world digestable chapters. What you'll learn Take your TypeScript expertise to the next level with a deep dive on Modules, Decorators, Generics, JSX, Mixins, Advanced Types, Generics, Type Guards and necessary features to fully master the...
  4. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - TypeScript Fundamentals

    TypeScript allows you to write JavaScript the way you want it. TypeScript is a typed JavaScript overlay that compiles to plain JavaScript. The popular Angular 2 (or simply Angular) is written in TypeScript. TypeScript can help programmers write object-oriented programs and compile them to...
  5. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - TypeScript Basics

    Take advantage of static types and supercharge your JavaScript development. What you'll learn Boost your productivity. Dive into the TypeScript language through this comprehensive introduction, and realise the many benefits of adopting static types. We'll explore common practices, ES6/7, the...
  6. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - NGRX Store + Effects

    Master reactive and highly performant Redux state management for Angular apps.What you'll learn You need predictable, maintainable and fast apps. You’ll master Actions, Reducers, Data Structures with Entities, Memoized Selectors, the Redux pattern, Side-Effects, Immutability through to...
  7. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - JavaScript DOM

    Uncover the depths of the DOM and truly understand your daily JavaScript development.What you'll learn Master the Document Object Model (DOM) and build highly interactive websites and applications. Learn how to query and perform complex DOM operations, handle CSS and styling scenarios...
  8. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - JavaScript Basics

    Uncover the deepest secrets of the JavaScript language. Using modern development techniques and best practices you’ll explore the real foundations you need to deeply understand and be productive with JavaScript.What you'll learn Learn modern JavaScript the right way, fully written in ES2015...
  9. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - AngularJS Pro

    Get advanced AngularJS skills for scalable apps. The only deep dive into the entire framework.What you'll learn Take your AngularJS skills to the Pro level. Comprehensive Directives, Modular and Component Architecture, Forms and Validation, Components and One-Way Dataflow, defacto ui-router...
  10. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - AngularJS Performance

    Performance tuning for fast AngularJS. Master the internal workings and build blazing fast apps.What you'll learn Learn how to write highly performant AngularJS apps and master the internal workings of Angular. From common performance bottlenecks through to understanding the $digest cycle...
  11. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - AngularJS Fundamentals

    Start building modern AngularJS applications with component architecture and best practices.What you'll learn Build modern AngularJS applications. From MVC patterns through to Directives, Forms, Events, Expressions, Factories, Services, Routing, Filters and custom Components and Directives...
  12. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - Angular Pro

    Advanced, comprehensive, complete. Deep exploration of the framework, architect big apps.What you'll learn Unlock Angular’s potential. All the advanced features, RxJS, Reactive Forms, Modular Architecture, TypeScript concepts, State Management, Unit Testing and a final project to cement the...
  13. TUTProfessor

    UltimateCourses - Angular 2 Fundamentals

    Kick your Angular skills into action with this comprehensive dive into Angular and getting started the right way. Complete with best practices and architecture practices.What you'll learn This course teaches you to make informed decisions by diving deep into real concepts, architecture, and...