2D Adventure Game Creation: Art, Music, Programming and More

Udemy 2D Adventure Game Creation: Art, Music, Programming and More

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Learn to create a 2D "point and click" Adventure Game with hand-painted graphics, original music and voice acting!

What you'll learn​

  • Students will be able to identify core skills needed to create adventure games.
  • Students will be able to create original music and art assets for an adventure game.
  • Students will be able to create 8 pose walk-cycle animations for a 2-D character.
  • Students will be able to gather ideas for their game world, and map out a game level and scene.
  • Students will be able to have a successful voice acting recording session.
  • Students will know how to edit and separate voice acting takes, and export them for use in their game.
  • Students will know how to bring their original art assets together to create an adventure game scene using Adventure Creator for Unity Game Engine.
  • Students will be able to use Adobe Photoshop as a tool for digital painting creation.
  • Students will feel confident when choosing needed equipment/ tools for adventure game design, such as graphics tablet, midi controller keyboard, and microphone typ


  • You should be able to navigate on a computer at a beginning or intermediate level.
  • You should have a desire to learn skills in at least one of the 5 main areas... Music, Digital Painting, 2D Animation, Voice Acting, Game Programming.
  • Software must-haves to complete the course: Unity Game Engine (personal edition is free), Adventure Creator Game toolkit for Unity.
  • Recommended Software to complete the course (you could use your preferred comparable applications as well): Adobe Photoshop, MoHo Studio (or Earlier Version of Anime Studio Pro), Logic Pro X
  • Recommended Hardware to complete the course: MIDI controller Keyboard, Artists Graphics Tablet or Pen Monitor, Microphone, Studio Monitors or headphones


In this course we will go through the process of creating your own 2-D storybook-style "Point and Click" Adventure Game, including story, game world and character design, creating your own art assets in manipulable layers, animating your character, bone-rigging your 2D character in multiple angles for quick animating of an 8-pose walk-cycle. We will also cover practices for creating original music for your game, voice acting and recording dialogue for your characters, and finally bringing all of your original assets together and programming them into a functional scene for an adventure game (in an artist-friendly programming environment).
You can follow along using the same software titles in the course, or apply the concepts learned to your own music and art creation software choices.
The software used in the course will be...
Adobe Photoshop: for background art and character creation.
Moho Studio Pro: for character animation.
Logic Pro X: for music and voice recording/ editing.
Adventure Creator Game Toolkit for the Unity Game Engine for bringing all of the game assets together and programming your game! (Don't worry, you can program your entire game without needed to type out a single line of code, it is very artist friendly).
Additional Topics Covered:
Light music and art theory
Brief history of instrument sampling
Discussing effective hardware and software tools

Who this course is for:​

  • Anyone interested in the process of making a high-res 2D "point and click" adventure game!
  • Anyone interested in 2D bone-rigging animation!
  • Anyone interested in using Photoshop as a drawing/ painting tool!
  • Anyone interested in improving the quality of their digital art making!
  • Anyone interested in Digital Music Recording and Composition!
  • Anyone interested in voice acting for video games!
  • Anyone interested in programming an adventure game without having to learn to code (artist-friendly programming)!
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