A Complete Guide to WebSockets

Udemy A Complete Guide to WebSockets

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Build, Scale and Secure Vanilla WebSockets

What you'll learn
  • WebSockets Protocol
  • How to Scale WebSockets Connections
  • How to Secure WebSockets with wss://
  • Building a MultiPlayer game with WebSockets
  • How WebSockets Work in the Wire
  • How WebSockets works with HTTP/2

  • Be able to understand basic HTTP

WebSockets technology is a bidirectional, full-duplex protocol for communication between client and server over the web. It has been standardized in 2011 and it's fully compatible with HTTP. This protocol enables realtime applications such as chatting, notifications, live feed, multiplayer gaming, and other use cases.

In this course, you will learn what the WebSocket protocol is and why it was invented. You learn the pros and cons of WebSockets and when to use it. You will also learn how to horizontally scale and secure WebSockets in your applications and be able to build a real-time multiplayer game and chatting application. This course also has a special section that discusses advanced WebSockets topics such as HTTP/2 and how the protocol looks in Wireshark.
Who this course is for:
  • Developers who are interested in truly understand WebSockets and want to build realtime applications
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