Advance CSS Grid - Build 4 Major Responsive Websites (2021)

Udemy Advance CSS Grid - Build 4 Major Responsive Websites (2021)

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Learn everything about css grid with flexbox and build production ready English, arabic and chinese websites and more...

What you'll learn
  • Build complex web layout in just couple minutes.
  • You will be able to create almost any layout based system, Latin(LTR), Arabic(RTL), Han CJK (Vertical).

  • Little knowledge of CSS, A code editor and a browser.

Web technology changing so rapidly. we see lots and lots of new tech and feature almost everyday. these new tech and feature here to make our life easier then ever before. just like CSS Grid.
CSS Grid is first truly CSS Grid layout feature designed to layout the web. this new fascinating feature of css is here to give almost all kind of tool and properties who can create most complex grid layout in just blink of an eye.
SO in this course this what exactly you gonna learn. you will learn CSS Grid from start to finish and bottom to top. just everything by building 4 major websites.
We will build..
  1. Robotics website
  2. Arabic website
  3. Resume website
  4. Chinese Webiste
apart form that you will learn everything with many small demo project.
Source file are included.. let's get started .

Who this course is for:
  • If you want to learn web development or anyhow related to web tech you should take this course
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