Amigoscode - Mastering Kubernetes

Amigoscode - Mastering Kubernetes

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Master k8s from A to Z​

Kubernetes is the world's most popular open-source container orchestration engine. It offers the ability to schedule and manage containers.

We’ll go through Kubernetes use cases, you will learn how K8s actually works and how you can use it by showcasing all the main components, like Pods, Deployment, Services, ConfigMap, Secrets, Volumes, Service Discovery, Jobs, RBAC, EKS, and much more. In this course we will go through a practical use case, where we’ll deploy a full stack application using microservices architecture. Together we will setup in a cluster locally to get your first hands-on experience with K8s

Upon completing this course you will have a clear and full understanding on to get any microservice up and running inside any Kubernetes cluster.
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