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Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Experience the Real time implementation and setup Software Packaging Lab

What you'll learn
  • Get familiar with Windows Installer Technology(MSI)
  • Learn how to package any software in organization
  • Hands-on experience with Adminstudio and Installshield
  • Basic knowledge of computer is sufficient!
  • What is Application Installation, Application Packaging overview and historical background, Why Packaging the Applications
  • The steps for application packaging lab on your home computer so you can learn and experiment with application packaging with hands-on experience)
  • Identify application behavior and choose the methods of software packaging which are 1. Application Repackaging 2. Application Transforms 3. Authoring / Building MSI 4. Silent Installation
Application / Software Packaging Course Contents

1. What is Application Packaging / repackaging?

  • History of Windows Installer Technology
  • Why repackaging is required
  • What are the Problems in legacy installations
  • Major Benefits of windows installer
  • Differences between EXE & MSI
2. Application Packaging Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements For Lab Setup
  • Oracle Virtual Box / VMWARE WorkStation / Hyper-V
  • Windows 7/10 Operating System
  • Install-Shield Admin Studio
  • Pre-Installation Steps
  • Post Installation Steps
  • Test the repackaged application
3. Client Application Pre-Validation Analysis
  • Commanding on Legacy Applications Installation Process
  • Technical Analysis of a Client Source application
  • Functionality Check & Source Application Behavior
  • Review of PRF (or) APRF & Installation Instruction Forms
  • Technical Review of a Legacy / MSI Application Discovery
4. Introduction to Installshield Adminstudio
  • Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio
  • How to use for Installshield Adminstudio for packaging
  • Overview Of MSI Architecture
  • Introduction on Windows Installer
  • Technical Review of a Legacy / MSI Application Discovery
5. Methods Of Application Packaging
  • Application Repackaging
  • Application Transforms
  • Authoring / Building MSI Applications
  • Silent Switch Installation / Un-installation
6. Working with Property Manager
  • Working with ALLUSERS Property
  • Working with ROOTDRIVE
  • Working with INSTALLLEVEL
  • Working with REBOOT
  • Working with Accept License Agreement
7. Application Deployment through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Difference between applications and packages node
  • Deployment of application using SCCM
  • Generate a report after Installation
  • Important logs to monitor and troubleshoot application deployment
8. How to package common application in organization for mass deployment
  • Microsoft Office Application
  • Microsoft SQL Application
  • Adobe Reader Application
  • Google Chrome Add-ins
  • Oracle Java
9. How to deploy application via common deployment methods
  • Install / Uninstall Applications Using Bat File
  • Install / Uninstall Applications Using VBS File
  • Install / Uninstall Applications Using Powershell
  • Install / Uninstall Application Using SCCM
  • Install / Uninstall Application Using Psexec
Who this course is for:
  • System adminis who are looking to learn how application packaging is done
  • Anyone who is moved into new role in which application packaging is required and wants to get up to speed on how to package software in organization
  • All SCCM administrators as before deployment of any applications through sccm first application packaging is required as a prerequisites.
  • IT professionals looking to get a job that requires application packaging as a skill, or who are just trying to expand their current skill set
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