Basic to Advance Training on Microsoft Power BI - Part1 of 2

Udemy Basic to Advance Training on Microsoft Power BI - Part1 of 2

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Complete tutorial on Power BI Desktop - Data Analytics

What you'll learn
  • Students who want to learn one of the best Data Visualization Tool in the industry are welcome to kick start their learning in this Part1
  • This is a first part of BI Destkop.
  • Introduction to PowerBI desktop, a quick walk through over other tools like PowerBI services , DAX language, M code language , PowerQuery
  • How to install PowerBI Desktop.
  • How to import data from different sources in BI
  • Doubts like what is M code, DAX , where they are used and differences between these two languages.
  • Do you need to know PowerQuery before BI or not? What is PQ or m Code role in BI Tool. All such types of doubts are discussed in detail in this part 1.

  • You should not basic excel. Nothing else is required.
  • No VBA or macro knowledge is required.

  • A very detailed discussion on Power BI introduction. A Free Microsoft tool works in real world to produce amazing , powerful and dynamic ,interactive dashboards/Reports.
  • Installation on Power BI - Real live example shown. No fast forward. Helpful for new students who never seen BI before.
  • Clustered Column and Stacked Column Chart visualizations covered . When and why they should be used and difference between them discussed too.
  • how to import data and things to be taken care of from different sources.
  • Drill down feature for deep analysis.
  • Stylish Drill-Through feature.
  • Line & Pie Visualizations.
  • Tool-tip and Tool Tips features - Why you need them and what is the difference.
  • How to make Tables and Matrix. Their role in reports .Difference between them. Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Learn how to create Slicers and rules to be followed.
  • What are Cards and Themes in BI - Simple awesome.
  • Learn not so much explored Analytical feature in Visualizations- A full detailed discussion on each feature. Why and where you need this.
  • Cross Filtering feature - No VBA , no complex formulas- Inbuilt feature which adds so much value to your reports and dashboards.
  • Area Chart Visualization -from scratch. with practical scenarios telling the difference between it and others .
  • Line and Column visualization - including stacked.
  • How to use custom visuals if you not happy with in-built ones though they are always extra-ordinary
  • Show amazing up and down falls in business using WaterFall visualization
  • Complete discussion on KPI ,Map , TreeMap , QnA feature, Decomposition tree visualization,Ribbon Chart.
  • How to use shapes ,bookmarks and selections in power-bi to take the reports to extreme level.
  • Use of Slicers in navigating pages.
  • You can ask for support any day , any time.
Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to make career in Analytics .
  • Students who are keen to make powerful and impactful visualizations in few minutes and with very very less efforts.
  • Professionals who have been working on Excel a lot like MIS Analysts ,Business Analysts or someone who wants to produce data reports in an exclusive manner.
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