Beginner's guide to figma

Udemy Beginner's guide to figma

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Tricks and tips to fast visualisation on figma

What you'll learn
  • The complete process of going from idea to prototype on Figma
  • Tricks to UI design and how to do it on Figma
  • How to use community resources to your advantage when designing
  • UX tips that will make for a better UI
  • Mobile design on Figma
  • Sharing and collaborating on Figma

  • Internet access
  • A working computer

We all have ideas, but not everyone can visualise their ideas. Wouldn't it be great if we all could?
Figma is a digital design tool that helps with fast visualisation of product ideas. This tool has the lowest learning curve of all design tools! This course teaches the very basics of how to go about visualising your ideas on Figma. You will learn this by designing 5 screens with minimal effort.
By taking this course, your will learn how to:
  • visualise your ideas on Figma
  • speed up your workflow on Figma
  • use UI tricks and tips in your visual design
  • use open source resources to your advantage
The point is to know enough to start getting things done. This course gives you the enough.
Who this course is for:
  • People with ideas who want to prototype them using figma
  • Software developers
  • Product managers
  • UI design students
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