[Book]Fullstack GraphQL: The Complete Guide to Writing GraphQL Servers

[Book]Fullstack GraphQL: The Complete Guide to Writing GraphQL Servers

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Fullstack GraphQL is the complete guide to building servers and clients with GraphQL.

Build Robust, Safe, and Flexible APIs with GraphQL
GraphQL changed the way data is transferred between applications.
As you will work through this book, we hope you won't just add GraphQL to your toolbox, but also develop a new way of thinking about data models, APIs, and full-stack development.
GraphQL - and it's huge ecosystem - give you tools to create and consume flexible, easy-to-use, type-safe APIs.
Usage Driven: It encourages users to define queries that specify what data to fetch in a granular way.
Intuitive: GraphQL delivers you only the data that you request, in the exact format that you requested
: GraphQL schemas are strongly typed and define a strict contract between a query and its response.
GraphQL embodies many lessons learned from API design that enforces several best practices into one solution, and in Fullstack GraphQL we show you how to use these tools with practical code-driven examples.
What's in the book
Fullstack GraphQL is the busy engineer's guide to building real-world GraphQL servers and clients with examples in Node.js, React, TypeScript, and Apollo.
1How to write GraphQL Schemas
2How to write flexible APIs with GraphQL and Node.js
3How to generate TypeScript types from your GraphQL types - for type-safe code that matches your API
4How to use an ORM to automatically generate your GraphQL API
5How to setup authentication and authorization for your API
6How to use Apollo Client with Hooks in your React app
7How to use GraphQL developer tools
8How to optimize your GraphQL server fetching with DataLoader
9How to paginate queries and write efficient pagination resolvers
10How to modify data with Mutations

Table of Contents

  • Why GraphQL?1
  • Usage-driven-fetching
  • Comparison vs. REST APIs
  • Hello GraphQL2
  • Using the Playground
  • First GraphQL Queries
  • Basic GraphQL App Clients3
  • GraphQL in Node.js
  • GraphQL in React
  • Apollo Client and React4
  • Setting up Apollo
  • React Apollo Hooks
  • Typescript and GraphQL5
  • graphql-codegen
  • Building queries and mutations
  • GraphQL Server and Databases6
  • Handling pagination
  • Mutation resolvers
  • Caching and batching7
  • Optimized queries
  • Batching with DataLoader
  • TypeORM and TypeGraphQL8
  • Setting up the ORM
  • Writing resolvers
  • Authentication and Authorization9
  • Using JWT
  • Resolver authentication
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