[Book] Taming the State in React

[Book] Taming the State in React

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You will learn about managing state in React with local state, Redux and MobX from scratch. Along the way, you will collect all the theoretical knowledge and apply it in your applications. State management is often used in modern applications today. These apps are often built with solutions like React, Angular, and Vue. To learn about state management, it makes sense to apply it in real-world applications. I chose React because it only has a thin API and a good learning curve. Just a simple template with local state. However, you don't need to apply your knowledge of state management to React alone. You can apply this knowledge to your Angular, Vue or React Native app.

You will learn about ...

  • Basics and advanced things about Local state in React
  • Managing state with Redux and MobX
  • Middleware, Normalizr and Selectors in Redux
  • Asynchronous actions
  • State Layer and View Layer connection
  • State architecture planning
  • Practical scenarios along the way
  • Methods, guidelines and templates
  • Ecosystem Redux
  • MobX as an alternative to Redux
  • MobX for local state
What's the relationship between learning Redux and MobX? Although MobX is becoming a more popular Redux alternative, the book teaches you more about Redux than MobX. However, in the future I want to expand the content and adjust the chapters depending on the usage statistics.

Why Redux and MobX? It is true that in the end you only need one library to manage in your application. On the contrary, it is great to know alternative approaches to the same problem. Only then can you weigh what is best for you. The course teaches mostly Redux, but it's great to know that MobX is used a lot too.

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Access to source code and starter projects to test your knowledge from the book. They will help you start new applications from scratch.
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