[Book] The Real Python Course Bundle

[Book] The Real Python Course Bundle

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Learn Python programming with examples. Real Python teaches programming and web development with practical, interesting and useful examples!

Join the thousands of developers who have already taken advantage of these unique Python courses and download your copy today:

You will receive three Python courses with over 1300 pages of content filled with exercises, sample files, assignments, and bonus videos.

What benefit will you get from this Python course?

Regardless of whether you are new to programming or a professional software developer and want to immerse yourself in a new language, this course will teach you all the practical Python that you need to work independently on projects.

Real Python emphasizes real programming techniques that are illustrated with interesting and useful examples. No matter what your ultimate goals may be, if you work with a computer at all, you will soon find endless ways to improve your life by automating tasks and solving problems using the Python programs you create.

Python was created to be easier to use than other programming languages. It is usually much easier to read Python code and MUCH faster to write code in Python than in other languages.

At the same time, Python has all the functions of other languages and more. You may be surprised at how many professional products are built on Python code: Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Reddit, Spotify, turntable.fm, Yahoo! and the list goes on … And if it’s powerful enough for both NASA and the NSA, then it’s good enough for us.

Why is this course?

There are already tons of books and tutorials for learning Python. However, most resources tend to have two main problems:

  • They are not practical.
  • They are not interesting.
Most books are so busy considering all the options for each team that it’s easy to get lost in the details. After all, most of them are more like Python documentation pages. This is great reference material, but it’s a terrible way to learn a programming language. You not only spend most of your time learning things that you will never use, but it does not give any pleasure!

This course is built on the 80/20 principle. We will look at the commands and methods used in the vast majority of cases, and focus on how to program real solutions to problems that ordinary people actually want to solve.

In this way, I guarantee that you:

  • Learn useful tricks much faster
  • Spend less time dealing with unimportant complications
  • Find more practical use of Python in your life
Good luck with this process!

If you want to become a serious, professional Python programmer, this course alone will not be sufficient, but it will still be the best starting point. After you master the material in this course, you will get a solid enough foundation to enter a more advanced territory on your own will be very simple.

So immerse yourself! Learn to program in a widely used modern language that can do more than you could imagine.

Real Python teaches Python and web development from scratch, from basic primitives to web browsing, data visualization, and everything related to web development.

We’ll start with Python 2.7 and 3.6 syntax to provide you with a solid foundation for developing your skills.

Then, moving on to web development, you will learn database programming using SQL, web scraping, the basics of REST, and much more before exploring three powerful web frameworks: Flask, web2py, and Django.

In essence, you will learn best practices when creating an enterprise-level web application using a number of tools, such as Bootstrap, Git, Heroku, Angular, Vagrant, Travis CI, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, and many others.

Remember: we strive to teach these tools and concepts in practice, where you solve interesting, real problems. In addition, since we start from scratch, programming experience is not required.
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