[Book] The Road to GraphQL

[Book] The Road to GraphQL

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This book teaches you pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript from scratch. You will learn how to interact with the GraphQL API in React using HTTP methods, as well as how to build larger applications with the Apollo Client as your GraphQL library in React or Apollo Server in Node.

You will be building client and server applications with GraphQL in JavaScript using React, Node and Express. Learn how to query and mutate data, how to subscribe to continuous data, and how to authenticate and authorize with GraphQL. These were just a few of the things that you will learn in this course.

  • Examine GraphQL operations with HTTP only
  • Development with Apollo Client and Server
  • Connecting Apollo to React
  • Optimistic UI Implementation to Improve UX
  • Implementing data prefetching to improve UX
  • Explore Testing and Mocking with Apollo Client
  • Connect Apollo Server to Express / Node
  • Explore Authentication and Authorization
  • Explore subscriptions with Apollo
  • Implementing Caching and Batching with Apollo Server
  • Connect PostgreSQL to a database using GraphQL
  • Deploy Apollo Server with Database
  • Implementing the GraphQL library in React
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