Business Analytics 101: Data Analysis for Improvement

Udemy Business Analytics 101: Data Analysis for Improvement

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Increase Profit, Predict Demand, Manage Inventory, Make Product Choices, Improve Operations

What you'll learn
  • How to use data analytics to identify the challenges impacting business performance
  • How to read business data and use it for business improvement (profit, supplier delivery, customer service)
  • How to select metrics and KPIs to measure what matters to your business
  • How to apply data analysis to a variety of business problems and use the results to identify actions/decisions

  • A willingness to learn... even if numbers have scared you in the past
  • A computer if you would like to try the hands-on activities

Business owners understand the need to learn how to use data analysis to improve their businesses. But how do you do this? This course, led by a business owner with 25+ years of experience in data analysis, will be teach you how to analyze your data and understand what it's telling you. Your data speaks... are you listening to it?
This course will use data to:
  • Provide you with real-world, hands-on exercises for practice,
  • Explain why growing businesses often fail due to cash flow,
  • Determine how to use data to analyze and improve supplier performance,
  • Conduct a profitability analysis to choose which products to sell or discontinue,
  • Learn how to to predict inventory demand,
  • Decide how to prioritize your customers and what to do with this information, and
  • Learn how to select key performance indicators for your business.
Whether you're a business owner, a business leader, an executive or business analyst, you'll learn how data-driven decisions are made every day in real businesses. You'll hear why some businesses struggle without data knowledge and how they learned to use data to understand the pain points of their businesses.
You'll get to try your hand at performing your own analyses using our case study data. Our case studies have been used in university courses on "managing your business."
This is a practical analysis course that will teach you how to use data to make business decisions about products, customers, suppliers and cost reductions in order to improve the bottom line of your business.
Who this course is for:
  • Busy business owners of small and medium-sized businesses whether they conduct business online or at a physical location
  • Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Business analysts
  • Business executives or leaders
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