Business Fundamentals 2020 Accounting Excel & Stock Research

Udemy Business Fundamentals 2020 Accounting Excel & Stock Research

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Learn accounting, Excel and stock due diligence with a professional analyst

What you'll learn
  • Accounting principals
  • How to read financial statements
  • Technical & soft skills applied by professional analysts
  • Excel functions and shortcuts
  • How to read SEC filings, 10K & 10Q reports
  • Financial statements analysis
  • How to research industry data
  • Industry best practices

  • We will teach you everything you need in this course
  • You should have a strong commitment to learn
  • You'll also need Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • If you're working on a laptop, you'll need a simplistic external keyboard

If you’re looking to pursue a career in finance, investments or looking to develop your professional skills, this course is essential.
The Business Fundamentals Course is designed to teach students the soft and technical skills Wall Street professionals apply on the job. This course covers accounting principles, Excel modeling, reading and analyzing a company’s SEC filings, 10K's & 10Q's. We use current and practical case studies to bridge the gap between theory and real-world practicality. By the end of the course, students will be able to read and analyze financial statements and assess a company situation by performing due diligence. This course will give you the skills you’ll need to become a professional.
Training Module 1. Accounting Principals and Financial Statement Analysis
Accounting is the langue of business. In this module, you’ll learn generally accepted accounting principles known as GAAP. You’ll learn cash vs accrual accounting. You’ll learn how to read and analyze financial statements. We also cover financial statements line items and the relationships between each statement. You’ll learn the importance of working capital. This module is meant to give you a practical sense of accounting in finance and investing.
Training Module 2. Performing Industry and Company Due Diligence
Understanding the process of company and industry due diligence is essential to the role of a financial analyst. Data and information is everything in the world of finance and business. With this module, you’ll learn how to search and read SEC filings including 10K's and 10Q's. You’ll learn the different types of business stories. Learn company financial ratios that include revenue growth profitability margins, liquidity, working capital and many more. You’ll learn how to present a company's financial information in a professional PowerPoint format. You’ll also understand the process of gathering industry information and how to use Google to collect and analyze information.
Training Module 3. Excel Crash Course
Excel skills is one of the most important tools analysts need to learn. Build your Excel confidence with this practical Excel module. Learn Excel shortcuts, functions and formulas and how to use them like a professional. This module is designed specifically for Excel users who are performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling. This module is useful for beginners to advanced users.
Build the fundamental skills for careers in:

· Investment banking
· Asset management
· Private equity
· Corporate development
· Equity research
Important: How to take this course: This course is part 1 of 4 video courses in our Analyst program series designed to teach you the soft and technical skills professionals apply on-the-job each day. With each of the first 3 courses, students learn principles, concepts and the practical application in the real world. You’ll compound your knowledge every step of the way in preparing for the 4th course, our full investment case analysis. Take this course serious, make a commitment to yourself to complete all 4 courses. By the end of all 4 courses, you’ll be proud of your effort and you’ll be ready to preform like a professional first day on the job or internship.
Who this course is for:
  • Any student looking to learn advance financial analyst skills
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop their professional skills and grow a business
  • Anyone looking to learn financial modeling, company valuation and stock analysis skills
  • Anyone looking to acquire the core technical and soft skills professionals on Wall Street implement on-the-job
  • Anyone who wants a career transition into finance
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