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Business Science University - DS4B 101-P: Python for Data Science Automation

Business Science University - DS4B 101-P: Python for Data Science Automation

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Automate Business Processes with Python​

Advance your career with Python
By learning how to automate business processes

Python for Data Science Automation is an innovative course designed to teach data analysts how to convert business processes to python-based data science automations. The course is founded on two driving principles:

  1. Companies are transitioning repetitive business processes to automations to reduce errors, improve scale, and make data products available on-demand.
  2. You (the student) will undergo a complete transformation, learning the in-demand skills that will empower you to help automate business processes for your organization.
Gain the Confidence to Build Python Business Automations

Crafted for Business Analysts​

that need to combine data science and programming​

Python for data science automation is crafted for business analysts that need to learn Python for automating repetitive tasks and building data analysis software. This includes:

  • BI Professionals: Analysts that are using Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau that would like to take their skills to a whole new level
  • R Users: Data Scientists and Analysts that use the R Language but need to learn Python for business to help co-integrate with Python teams.
  • Python Beginners: Students that need to learn Python analytical programming through a business-focused course.

Learn Python Business Automation from Scratch​

Learn by integrating tools inside a real forecasting project​

This is a project-based course. You are part of the data science team for a hypothetical bicycle manufacturer. Management has charged the team with expanding the forecast reporting by customers, products, and different time-durations. This requires a new level of flexibility that is not currently available in the manual business process. You’ll need to learn Pandas and the Python ecosystem to help automate this forecasting project.

Learn how to tackle Business Process Automation​

Transition repetitive business processes to Python automation workflows. Here's an example of the business process automation workflow you create in this course.

In Python for Data Science Automation, you learn:
  • Learn how to break down business processes
  • Learn how to apply Python and Pandas Coding
  • Learn how to work with databases and create reports

We teach you everything you need to know​


No Prerequisites
We teach you everything you need to know.

For (Serious) Beginners
You should be open to learning programming for data science.

Learn python by building a forecasting and reporting system

You'll love learning this way.​

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