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Learn advanced topics of the C# language like LINQ, Lambda, Extension Methods, Generics, Delegates, Events and more!

What you'll learn
  • You will be able to read and create LINQ Queries
  • You will understand what is a Lambda Expression and use it in various scenarios
  • You will be able to apply LINQ Queries with Lambda Operators
  • You will be able to Extend base types and custom objects with Extension Methods
  • Understand and Work with Generic Methods and Classes
  • Understand and Apply Delegates in Real-World Scenarios
  • Work with Built in Delegates - Func and Action
  • More Complex Delegates with Lambda Expressions/Anonymous Methods
  • You will be able to create Events to decouple Code
  • The Anatomy of Events
  • Passing Additional Information through Events
  • Asynchronous Programing with Asynchronous Methods
  • C# Basics Knowledge - Ifs, Loops, Methods
  • C# OOP Knowledge is Necessary for Some of The Topics
  • Visual Studio Installed on your Computer
  • At least a little experience with Visual Studio (creating projects, opening projects, etc)
The course will lay out the founding ideas of some of the more advanced C# topics for you in a way that makes them easier to understand.
The course is aimed at students that have some coding experience in general and with C# in particular, as well as some Object Oriented Programming experience. Not all topics require OOP knowledge, but it will be easier for you to understand those that do.
The topics that we are covering are:
  • LINQ - LINQ is kind of a language within the C# language, it has its own syntax, but its very easy and very enjoyable to use. LINQ is used to work on collections like arrays and lists, either to order them, or to extract information from them in many many many different ways. You will learn how apply LINQ filters on base type collections like integers and strings aswell as on collections of custom types that you have created.
  • Lambda Expressions with LINQ methods - you will finally learn what a Lambda Expression is and how to apply it, in particular we will use it to perform LINQ operations with even less code, and later we will use it with Delegates and Events
  • Extension Methods - this is one of the coolest features of C#, they allow you to extend built in types and classes that you have no access to. For example the int[] has no built in method for sorting or reversing, we will learn how to do this!
  • Generic Methods and Classes - this is where things start to get tricky and a little bit complicated, but you should not be scared as I have prepared a couple of well explained examples that will answer all of the questionmarks in your head about Generics. Spoiler alert: we will create our very own List class! :)
  • Delegates - the simplest way in which a delegate can be described is, methods as variables, and that is just incredible. How? Well, you will understand soon enough!
  • Events - events are the next piece of the puzzle after Delegates, Events help us keep our code decoupled by creating non-coupled connections between classes
  • Asynchronous Programming - asynchronous programming is a complex and frustrating topic, here we will learn how to make code that takes a lot of time to execute run on the background, while our main code continues executing
There are tons and tons of tutorials on Youtube and other websites, so why would you have to pay for this course?
The answer is very simple, in this course you will get every single lecture systemized in such way, that it ensures smooth transition between the previous and the following topic. Guaranteeing great learning experience.
There are no stones left unturned, everything is explained in great detail (but not too much, that would be boring :) )
The video lectures in the course are produced with the highest possible audio and video quality. No static noises to disturb you while you watch the videos, no blurry images, everything is crystal clear with crisp audio!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to improve their C# skills with New, Interesting and Challenging topics
  • Anyone who just finished Object Oriented Programming Training and is looking for the next step
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