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Chakra UI Pro (Marketing + Application UI + ECommerce)

Chakra UI Pro (Marketing + Application UI + ECommerce)

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Create your website and product remarkably fast

Beautiful and responsive React components to build your application or marketing pages quicker. Created by the makers of Chakra UI.

Go next level with Chakra UI Pro
If you use Chakra UI, this is the next level. With Pro, we’ve put in the work to create high-quality components

Made with TypeScript
Every code snippet you'll get is written in TypeScript in a way that seamlessly integrates with Chakra UI.

Light and Dark theme
Two themes in one pack. Every component has support for a light and dark theme.

From Semantic HTML, to focus management, aria-attributes, etc, we ensure the components are carefully crafted for accessibility.

Documented Code
Copy React + TypeScript snippets and components, paste them into your favorite editor, and get your responsive page ready in minutes!

Want to support Arabic or Hebrew content? All components are designed to flip correctly between LTR and RTL layouts.

Figma UI Kit
Design your products with well-organized and customizable components designed in Figma.
What's included

10+free components
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