CodeMochi - Frontend Serverless with React and GraphQL, a Masterclass v2.0

CodeMochi - Frontend Serverless with React and GraphQL, a Masterclass v2.0

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Eliminate errors, sidestep delays, and create a better designed, fully functional website with a course built for you. Stop piecing together tutorials. Get all the details and tools you need in one spot.

Whether you’re fresh out of a dev bootcamp and need a new website to showcase your skills or if you want to dive deeper than your previous training, our course prepares you for more complex development.

What you’ll learn in our course:​

GraphQL - Get exactly the data you need with GraphQL​

GraphQL provides an expressive way to fetch data and eliminates timewasting one-off data requests. Get the data you need, no more, no less.

React - Painless Data Fetching​

We’ll show you how to painlessly fetch data with Apollo Hooks. This single line of code fetches all the data you need for a React component and manages it effortlessly behind the scenes.

Vercel - Automated Code Building & Deployment​

With each new code change, automated code building and deployment using Vercel is included. As you check in new changes to Github, we create a pipeline to sprint to life and build and deploy the code automatically. So instead of worrying about DevOps, you can focus on what matters most—writing code.

GraphCMS - Frustration-Proof Backend​

We believe in the power of a set it and forget it backend. That’s why we set up our data structures using GraphCMS, and 10 minutes later you are ready to handle all the traffic that comes your way. Data is then visualized via a user-friendly interface, providing you with total transparency about how your app is being used, with no need to code it yourself.

Auth0 - Bulletproof Authorization and Authentication​

Learn how to handle user signups, login, and access permissions using Auth0 to build a professional-grade website.

Next.js - Fully Optimized​

Enjoy full-optimized pages out of the box, with our course. We use Next.js. to Search Engine Optimize your website pages automatically.

TypeScript - Live Error-Proofing​

We use Typescript with GraphQL to ensure our code editor flags any time you make references to fields that don’t exist or misspell code. Make fewer errors as you work on your project, with this added feature.
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