CodeWithAndrea - Flutter & Firebase Masterclass

CodeWithAndrea - Flutter & Firebase Masterclass

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Learn about Firebase Auth, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, Stripe payments, and much more by building a full-stack eCommerce app with Flutter & Firebase.​

Course Overview​

If you need a backend for your Flutter app, Firebase is the most obvious choice.

Firebase makes it easy to authenticate users, write data to a remote database, and run server-side code securely. And you get scalability and great performance out of the box, without breaking the bank.

But once you start building large-scale apps, things get complicated and you may ask yourself:

  • Do I have the right architecture in place?
  • Am I structuring my data correctly?
  • How can I run complex queries efficiently?
  • Are my security rules correct?
  • How should I handle errors?
  • Will I get a massive Firebase bill and go bankrupt?
In other words - how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Sure, you could read all the docs and watch a ton of tutorials on YouTube - but those often take shortcuts or use examples that are too basic and don't give you the full picture.

As a result, you’re left to learn the hard stuff by trial and error, and that takes ages!

But there's a faster way.

And I can speed up the process for you, by packaging up all my Firebase knowledge and experience into this course.

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