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CodeWithMosh - The Ultimate C# Mastery Series

CodeWithMosh - The Ultimate C# Mastery Series

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Master C# Coding to Create Awesome Games, Websites & Apps
C# is one of the most versatile programming languages in the world. It's used to build websites, apps and games through the Unity game engine.
But despite its popularity, there’s lots of bad info out there about C#. Dozens of myths, misconceptions, bad advice and downright poor tutorials.
That's why I've designed this series.
No fluff. No sloppy programming or phoney shortcuts. No over-complicated descriptions.
Just C#, explained clearly from the basics to the advanced concepts.

  • Beginner to Advanced

  • Lifetime Access

  • 220 Lessons

  • 21 Hours of Video

  • Exercises and Solutions

  • Downloadable

  • Subtitles

  • Access on Mobile/TV

  • Certificate

By the end of this course, you'll be able to…
  • Write C# code with confidence
  • Get ready to learn how to develop games, apps and websites with C#
  • Write clean code like a pro

What You'l Learn...
  • Fundamentals of programming with C# and .NET Framework
  • Variables and types
  • Control flow
  • Debugging C# applications
  • Classes and interfaces
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Exception handling
  • Generics
  • Events & delegates
  • Lambda expressions
  • Extension methods
  • LINQ
  • Nullable types
  • Dynamics
  • Asynchronous programming with async/await
  • And much, much more!
Bite-sized, memorable and easy-to-digest videos with zero fluff

Who is this course for?
  • Anyone who wants to learn programming for the first time
  • College students who want to better understand C#
  • Anyone who wants to learn C# from the basics to the advanced concepts
  • C# developers who want to brush up on their C# skills

No prior knowledge needed!
I've carefully designed this series to help people at varying skill levels. If you're a beginner, you should start from the first part. If you're already familiar with C#, the next two parts are structured sequentially, so you can jump right in at a level that’s perfect for you.

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