CodingWithMitch - UI Testing with Jetpack and AndroidX

CodingWithMitch - UI Testing with Jetpack and AndroidX

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Course Objective:

Take your knowledge of UI testing to the next level by writing real UI tests for a demo app that uses:

  • Kotlin
  • Dagger2
  • Navigation Components
  • MVI Architecture (repository pattern)
  • A real network layer
  • Flows and Channels

We'll be using the newest testing tools from androidx including:
Target Audience:
Those who have some experience writing UI tests. In this course I'll be using the newest tools available so if you think your knowledge of UI testing is getting a bit dated, this will be the perfect course.
There is no database caching in this course. No Room Persistence Library.

  1. UI Testing for Beginners
  2. Introduction to MVI Architecture

What you'll learn:
  • Building Test FAKES for any class
    • Do not mistake this for mocks. That is something different.
  • Custom AndroidJUnitTestRunner
  • ActivityScenario
  • ActivityScenarioRule
  • Types of Mocking and test fakes:
    1. Dagger Components
    2. Dagger Modules
    3. Application class
    4. Fragment Factory
    5. Glide ImageLoader
    6. Retrofit network requests
  • Navigation Components:
    • Testing navigation (both fragments in isolation and end to end testing)
    • Navigation Testing Artifact
  • Glide (Setting images in test)
  • RecyclerView Testing:
    • Scrolling and list item verification
    • Clicking items to trigger event
  • Stubbing a Test Data Source (Network)
  • End-to-end tests with ActivityScenario
  • Isolation tests with FragmentScenario
  • Configuration changes (activity/fragment recreation)
  • Test assets for providing fake network data
  • Test Orchestrator:
    • Each test runs in its own Instrumentation instance (no/minimal shared state!)
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