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Complete Angular course for 2020

Udemy Complete Angular course for 2020

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Modern and latest Angular 9 with typescript and RxJS

What you'll learn
  • Complete knowledge of Angular framework
  • Typescript
  • RxJs
  • Build 10 different applications
  • In depth about Angular like components, modules, services, routing, route protection etc

  • Basics of JS only (Typescript is included)

Welcome to complete Angular developer course.
This is a fresh course totally designed on latest Angular in 2020. Angular is already a complex and big framework. To understand it, you don’t just need best coding practices but also best teaching practices, so that you finish the course.

Angular is a javascript based framework that is powerful and is used at majority of corporate world. Having deep understanding of framework will not only increase your chances of getting hired but also increase your chances to get salary hike.
In this course, we will start from absolute scratch. We will install required tools to get started with Angular. After installing them, we will move towards creating few initial app, we will move towards creating app from scratch. We will delete everything and will recreate entire Angular app. This will give insight about every file and structure.
After that we will take projects to understand Angular terms like 2 way binding, dependency injection, Reactive forms etc.

This course also includes Typescript as this can be a small challenge to get started with Angular. Enough is covered that you will not get a speed-braker in this entire course. RxJS is also included in this course. An entire section on RxJS will clear your concepts and you will be able to use it in Angular projects.
Finally, we will move towards creating Apps that use Authentications. This will help us to understand route protection too. After that we will handle Multiple API end points. At the end we will create an app inspired by Instagram, where we will use everything from the course. Routes, authentication, handling API, Firebase and more. This app can be worked more and can be used a refined portfolio application.

I am really excited to get started with this fresh Angular course with you!
Catch you inside the course!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in web development
  • Students interested in learning Angular (without worrying about complex jargons)
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