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Complete Beginner's Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing pt 2

Udemy Complete Beginner's Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing pt 2

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Body Types, Variety and Style

What you'll learn
  • To develop your own personal style
  • Students will learn to draw a variety body types
  • You will learn to covert simple shapes into figures
  • You will learn how to step out of your comfort zone artistically
  • Learn to find your own voice artistically
  • Develop techniques that will make your art stand out

  • Having taken Complete Beginner's Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing or any basic figure drawing course
  • A Desire to Learn and improve your art
  • Pencil and paper or work digitally
  • The ability to step outside of your comfort zone

WELCOME to Part 2 of my Anatomy and Figure drawing series.
So you learned the basics in part 1 and you have been Practicing.
Now it's time to go to the next level and add some variety to your characters.
It's the thing that is going to make you stand out from the rest of the pack.
Following along with my step by step instructions you will learn
  • Basics of shapes and shape language
  • How to put shapes together and apply them yo anatomy
  • Have a deeper understanding of proportion
  • Adding weight and size to your Characters
  • Learn to apply all of this to different characters I have created
  • Draw faces that don't look the same
  • Learn how to deconstruct your favorite artists
  • Apply Deconstruction to create your own style without copying

  • PLUS An Added section Drawing in a manga or anime style
Who this course is for:
  • Any one with an interest in adding variety to their figure drawing
  • Anyone who wants their characters to look and feel unique
  • Anyone who wants their art to stand out from the crowd
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