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What you'll learn
  • A complete in depth knowledge of C++
  • Modern C++ Course
  • Memory management in C++
  • STL in C++

  • No Basic Requirement

Welcome to c++ Bootcamp.
A modern and complete course on c++ that will explain all concepts along with code, in an easy to understand format.
Surely this course is not 100 hours long but I don’t think it needs to be. A course needs to be compact and understandable. No boring videos, just to the point talk, easy to understand code examples and that’s it. No extra hype.

Why should I learn C++?
C++ is a very powerful programming language that clears a lot of under the hood concepts to a programmer. Not only that this is one of the most favorite programming languages for coding interviews. This course will give you an extra edge for such interviews.

What you have covered in this course?
This course starts from very basics like installation, data types, variables, and loops. After that, we will go in-depth about subjects like functions, pointers, smart pointers, move semantics, and the Standard template library. There is not much theory in these videos, so expect more code and explanation via code.

Are code files included in this course?
Yes, of course, All code files are included as an attachment to every video. (all most every).

C++ is sometimes considered a bit old fashioned language, which is far from the truth. C++ is totally a modern programming language and see a lot of periodic updates over time. Each update brings something new to this language. For example, initially, memory management was not automatic in this language but now we have smart pointers that can make memory management almost automatic. Again this depends on our implementation but the point is that features getting added with every update. Most of the machine learning libraries are under the hood pure c++ libraries. But to make things easy they provide an interface to languages like python. But all know that for performance reasons, C++ is always the first choice.

I hope that this course will serve you well.

Happy Coding!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner in programming
  • Beginner in C++
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