Complete Makeup Course - Become a Makeup Artist

Udemy Complete Makeup Course - Become a Makeup Artist

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Professional makeup looks on models with different eye types and face shapes.

What you'll learn
  • Everything you need to know about Professional Makeup - no matter if you want to work professionally as a makeup artist, or to improve your make up skills for yourself
  • How to properly use all makeup tools and how to take care of them
  • How to choose products for professional use that are with really good quality and affordable price
  • How to choose proper primer for every skin type
  • Foundation for every skin type
  • How to correct skin problems (cover up acne, acne scars, redness, dark circles under eyes)
  • How to determine different face shapes
  • Different contour, highlight and blush techniques for every face shape
  • How to determine different eye shapes
  • Different techniques for every eye shape
  • How to choose and properly apply eyelashes on yourself and clients
  • How to draw and fill in eyebrows
  • How to line and fill the lips , how to make them bigger or smaller if needed
  • How to use color theory in makeup
  • Create various makeup looks for day or night events

  • There are no special requirements for taking this course, however I strongly suggest that you should own basic brush kit and basic makeup products for practicing.
  • Optional: Find model for practicing the techniques presented in the video-lessons.

In this makeup course you will learn:
- 12 different makeup looks on models with different eye shapes. You can learn a variety of makeup techniques that will be of use as a feature makeup artist.
- Contour and highlight techniques on 6 models with different face shapes
- How to fill in and shape the eyebrows
- Nose contouring techniques
- How to perfectly apply lipstick.
-How to make the lips bigger or smaller in a more natural way
- Color theory in makeup
- Everything about products and how to choose the best on the market
- Work ethics and much more ….
Join me and have fun learning!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner makeup artists and makeup artists who want to go level up .
  • People who want to improve their own makeup skills .
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