Complete UiPath RPA Developer: theory + building real robots

Udemy Complete UiPath RPA Developer: theory + building real robots

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Become certified UiPath RPA Developer with Practical Examples & Hands-On Training

What you'll learn
  • How can you get a job in the IT domain without any prior background knowledge
  • How can you become certified UiPath RPA Developer
  • Understant the most important theory for a successful RPA developer
  • Design, develop and deploy UiPath Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Software Robots
  • How you can develop a mindset of a well paid RPA developer

  • Laptop/desktop with Windows installed
  • Internet access

Robotic Process Automation is an emerging technology that more and more companies adopt it. More an more companies require this type of skilled people.
Learn how you can create robotic process automation solutions using the leading automation provider - UiPath. We will cover real-world scenarios and use RPA development best practices to build and run robots. Grasp the hands-on experience of building real robots and develop a mindset that will help you to become a well-paid automation developer.
What makes this course unique is the combination of both theory and practice that take you from zero to a certified UiPath RPA Developer. Whether you work in a multinational company, a start-up or you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, I show you how you can leverage this technology at work.
I made this course to help you become a Certified Robotic Process Automation developer, increase your confidence and develop the mindset to become well-paid faster than any other method. I have all my expertise and experience here so you can start saving time & money and level up your career!
What you’ll get from this course:
  • Robotic Process Automation overview & career guidance
  • Master UiPath Solution
  • Highlight important theory
  • Learn about attended & unattended robots
  • Guidance on creating high-complexity robots
  • Advice and tips on how to get a job in this field
  • Pass the quiz questions required by UiPath to get the certification
Build robots that:
  • Download information from the internet
  • Send emails with/without attached documents
  • Read email inbox with attached documents
  • Scrape PDF documents
  • Read/write Excel files

Note: This course helps you to learn from Basic to certification level, but It doesn't guarantee you to get the UIPath RPA Associate developer certification.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is curious to learn RPA - Robotic Process Automation
  • Anyone who want to learn to create their own automation
  • Anyone who wants to enter in the IT industry without any previous knowledge
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