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Computer Vision Fundamentals with OpenCV and C#

Udemy Computer Vision Fundamentals with OpenCV and C#

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Using OpenCVSharp Wrapper Library

What you'll learn
  • They will be able to develop applications such as barcode reading , text segmentation, object tracking, OCR techniques, document control

  • Some C# Programming Language Experience and a laptop


Please meet the first video course ever in Computer Vision Fundamentals covered using C# programming language and OpenCV wrapper OpenCVSharp .

This course will teach you how to enter the wonderful world of computer vision using C# programming language and one of the most widely used open source Computer Vision Library, namely the OpenCV. You will learn in particular, how to utilize a popular C# wrapper of OpenCV, which is the OpenCVSharp.
Once you grasp the fundamentals of Computer Vision following this course, you will then be able to follow the more advanced future courses in Computer Vision and Deep Learning field that I will be recording.
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of image processing which will open the way for you to tackle problems such as Barcode Recognition, Webcam programming, Text Segmentation and OCR techniques to read text from scanned documents.

You will learn in particular:
How to read images from disk and display them and save images to disk
Learn about Mat type object of OpenCV
Image pixel manipulations
Drawing on images
Locating a Region of Interest area and Cropping
Gray Scale Image conversion
Image Thresholding Techniques
Image Binarization
Image Bitwise operations
Image Filters- Image Convolution
Gaussian Blur
Median Blur
HighPass filters
Sobel, Scharr Edge Detection methods
Canny Edge Detection
OpenCV Trackbar Programming for changing input parameters by a user control
Shape Contour detection
Contour Repair
Image Resizing
Image Rotation
Image Flipping
Morphological Operations(Erosion, Dilation,Opening,Closing,TopHat,BlackHat)
Contour Smoothing
Convex Hull, Non-Convex defects
Shape Matching
Image Masking
Image Histograms, Histogram Plotting
Real-life Applications (step by step explanations and coding ) :
Barcode detection and decoding from a food package,Object Tracking via its color using a webcam, text OCR with tesseract plus OpenCV)
Plus the "Assignments" designed to help you get advanced skills in computer vision ( Hand Gesture Detection, Color image channel histograms, Coin counting, Textile Defect Detection)

With my best regards,
Frank Ozz

Who this course is for:
  • Software developers wanting to develop computer vision applications
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