Confident Laravel - from no tests to confidently tested

Confident Laravel - from no tests to confidently tested

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A step-by-step guide to writing tests for existing Laravel applications.

Of the 15,000 Laravel applications updated by Shift, only 17% were tested. I know we all want to test our applications, but we don’t. So why aren't we testing?

  • We have no time.
  • We don't know where to start.
These are general answers that pose real barriers to testing, but I can help remove them.

How does this help you write tests?

To overcome barriers to testing, I linked Laravel Shift to this video tutorial so you can write tests so you can feel confident with your Laravel applications.

The new Shift test generator removes the time barrier. This Shift will generate test cases for all your controller actions as well as create factories for all of your models.

This video course is about where to start. It starts with zero tests and gradually builds up our testing skills to test more and more complex parts of a Laravel application.

What will we test?

Sure Laravel will test exactly the Laravel application you are using right now. What could be better?

You have used the site. You are familiar with its functions. You don't need to write code, which means you can focus on writing tests.

Let's start without tests. We will write the first test together. We will continue to test more complex parts of the application.

We'll stop as soon as we're sure we've checked all the important steps.

What will you learn?

  • Customize and organize your tests
  • Submit real requests for your application
  • Create factories for testing with models
  • Layout of Laravel core components and custom classes
  • Test code that uses third party services such as Stripe and Algolia
  • Write flexible tests that change with your code
  • Balance coverage with confidence to get the most out of your trials
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