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Setup a cPanel server from zero to hero (Become Master of cPanel)

What you'll learn
  • You can Setup Your own Blazing Fast And stable dedicated hosting
  • You can Install and Configure cPanel control panel
  • You Can Boost the Security of your cPanel Server
  • You will be able to Start Web hosting business

  • Basic Linux commands knowledge
  • Basic understanding of hosting industry
  • General information about web hosting and Web development

cPanel is web hosting control panel software, similar to Plesk & Directadmin, that lets you administer your website and hosting options using a graphical, web-based interface. You can manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. using a cPanel control panel. cPanel automates tasks so that web servers can be easily shared and give website owners a way to quickly set-up and manage websites.
The interface also has several special features for server administrators and resellers. It will only run on a Linux web hosting system. The cPanel website provides many informative guides on how to install and use cPanel control panel on its website so you can easily learn more.
cPanel benefits, Easily establish and manage hundreds of websites. The cPanel control panel is very money worth and has become one of the most popular web hosting control panels in use today. It has practically every feature that you would want to set up your website on shared hosting. You can learn about cPanel on cPanel's own website and explore its features, benefits, and even try out a demo of cPanel.
In This Course We are going to setup a linux server from zero to hero and teach you every thing you need to have a complete secure and stable cPanel server and at the end we will install a wordpress on that to test if everything works great. You can see the demo of this control panel in cPanel website

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner server administrators
  • Web Masters
  • The people who own high traffic websites
  • Expert Wordpress Developers
  • Expert Web developers
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