Cracking the System Design Interview

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The only course you need to crack system design interviews - Learn about scaling, databases, caching and more !

What you'll learn
  • Understand system design fundamentals like scaling, availability, consistency, latency, CAP theorem
  • Learn what load balancers are and how to implement them within your system.
  • Acquire knowledge about Relational and Non-relational databases. Different kinds of NoSQL databases will be covered in detail.
  • Learn about various distributed data architectures like GFS, Hadoop and Spark.
  • Learn how to improve your system's performance using sharding. We will also cover various strategies to shard databases.
  • Understand different uses of message queues and Kafka.
  • Develop deeper understanding about caches. Learn about cache eviction and data access policies. Redis and Memcached are also discussed.
  • Master the skill of designing scalable systems by studying real world applications.

  • Computer science fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms(Not mandatory)

This is the only course you need to crack your system design interviews.
System design problems have become a major part of the interview process at big tech companies. This is a great way to test a candidate's knowledge of computer science as well as his problem solving capability.
However, these problems are especially difficult for students who are fresh out of college and have no experience in developing real world applications. This course has been designed keeping this problem in mind.
This is a 'learn by doing' course. We believe in giving you enough theoretical knowledge followed by getting our hands dirty with practical problems.
Various assignments, quizzes, coding exercises, case studies and reading materials have been included in this course to ensure you have complete grasp over each topic. Completing all the exercises will help you to understand the content in greater detail.
The field of system design is very wide. There is no fixed roadmap which students can follow and then confidently proceed to pass their system design interviews. We have accumulated all the scattered topics to create a well defined course which will teach you everything you need to crack any system design interview.

What will you learn?
  • Core concepts like scalability, latency, CAP theorem
  • Load balancers
  • Databases and their different types
  • Sharding
  • Caching
  • Message queues (Kafka)
  • GFS, Hadoop and Spark
  • Real world system design problems
  • How to design scalable systems with great performance

Interview preparation is all about time. Do not waste it any further and join this course to excel in your system design interview course.
Note: This is a growing course and latest design questions are added here frequently !
Who this course is for:
  • Programmers who wish to crack their System Design interviews
  • Professionals who want to expand their knowledge about designing scalable systems.
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