CSS Friday: Learn Up-to-Date CSS Styling Techniques (Weekly)

Udemy CSS Friday: Learn Up-to-Date CSS Styling Techniques (Weekly)

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Learn the most up-to-date real-world solutions for a wide range of old web design problems- Every Friday!

What you'll learn
  • The most up-to-date solutions for old CSS problems.
  • New modern CSS stying techniques, tips and tricks every week.
  • Learn to build real world project with CSS with little (or no) Javascript.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Web browser and code editor

CSS Friday is a weekly series, It's the most up-to-date real-world solution for a wide range of every day (and old web design) problems.
We'll cover all aspects of CSS, including properties, grids, flexbox, responsive layouts, preprocessors, gradients, positioning, and the most up-to-date styling techniques.
Instructor Rahul Giri returns every Friday, bringing you mini real-world and timely tips that will help new and experienced web developers alike create more beautiful websites and more efficient code.
Tune in and learn how to take more control over the style, layout, and even the user experience of your web designs.
Here are the 10 projects you gonna build right now...
  1. Mobile First Responsive Card Layout For Your Blog
  2. Facebook And YouTube Like Loading Animation
  3. Facebook Post Design
  4. Breezy Typing Effect Animation For Your Headlines
  5. Full-Screen Overlay Navbar With Circle Animation
  6. Luxury Custom Scrollbar for Your Website (in Webkit)
  7. Creative Background Shape Divider
  8. Smooth Gooey Menu Buttons
  9. Building Lusty Animated Buttons
  10. Fascinating Gradient Progress Scrollbar
and this course updates every single week on Friday.
Downloadable Materials
All the exercise files and downloadable material included.
To see a quick preview of the projects, please watch the course trailer.
So if you’re ready to build these 10 amazing UI Design projects, learn CSS hard parts and new CSS features then join me in this course and let’s get started with our first project.

Who this course is for:
  • Web developers who want's stay current with CSS styling techniques.
  • Developers who need modern solution for old css problems.
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