Cubebrush – ART School by Marc Brunet (Term 1-10)

Cubebrush – ART School by Marc Brunet (Term 1-10)

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Welcome to ART School for Digital Artists!

Art School for Digital Artists is like your typical art school college curriculum, but with better classes and at a fraction of the cost.

TERM 1 (8h30m total)
Nude Figure Drawing
Perspective 1
Photoshop for Digital Prod 1
Visual Communication 1

TERM 2 (9h25m total)
Visual Communication 2
Photoshop for Digital Prod 2
Perspective 2
Anatomy 1

TERM 3 (11h35m total)
ZBrush for Digital Prod
Clothed Figure Drawing
Anatomy 2

TERM 4 (8h42m total)

Color & Light Theory 1
Film & Game Production Overview
Anatomy 3

TERM 5 (13h30m total)
Character Design
Nude Figure Sculpting
Animal & Creature Drawing

TERM 6 (7h52m total)
Color & Light Theory 2
Composition & Storytelling
Mech Design

TERM 7 (6h06m total)
Enhanced Learning
Physics of Materials
Personal Project 1

TERM 8 (10h47m total)
Prop Design
Environment Design
Personal Project 2

TERM 9 (9h20m total)
Matte Painting
Introduction to Graphic Design
Personal Project 3

TERM 10 (4h05m total)
Digital Painting
Bonus - Portfolio Creation (coming soon)
Bonus - Resume Workshop (coming soon)
Bonus - Social Media Growth (coming soon)
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Link doens't work? or it's just me?
Thanks a lot, I've been searching for this entire course for weeks but only found crops or fake pages. Still missing assigments in some terms tho
But it better than nothing, thanks a lot!
Really good, I can get the course, I think it was a fake page or something, (the comments looks kind fake XD) but actually works haha

really great job and thanks for this, is really a guard life for poor people :)
Site is awesome guys, i'd wish there was a donation option though? This content you have save people thousands of dollars.
commenting as a new tutflix user that it was the most laborious task ever, getting signed up and downloading, BUT an hour later I have the whole course and saved 500-600 dollars. thanks so much!!
lol its not hours of task just 1-5 minute maximum to support to hosting cost :-(
I'm a noob but after hours of following instructions and downloading I finally got it <3 I can never afford this because of my country's low currency, so thank you sooo much!!!
Link doesnt work :(
fixed the link try now