Cypress - Guide to Turn Beginners into Experts in 5.5 Hours

Udemy Cypress - Guide to Turn Beginners into Experts in 5.5 Hours

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GREATEST COURSE to learn the future of Web Automation testing from scratch and become an expert in creating framework

What you'll learn
  • By end of this course, you will be a master in Cypress
  • You will be able to build robust framework for Web Automation using Cypress
  • Complete understanding of Cypress Components such as fixtures, plugins, screenshots, videos
  • Usage of Cypress in real world automation end to end testing
  • Gain complete knowledge on Web Automation techniques and tricks
  • Practical knowledge in designing framework from scratch
  • Learn API testing using Cypress
  • Learn how to use Mocks for seamless web automation

  • Zeal to learn new tool and focus on the career growth

Are you ready to invest 5.5 Hours of your time to become an expert in Web Automation Testing ??
Welcome you all to the BEST course in Udemy to learn and become an expert in an amazing tool called Cypress.
This course is structured and well designed for the COMPLETE BEGINNERS. If you don't have prior knowledge on web automation testing or on Cypress, then this is the right course for you. As we will be learning everything from scratch.
Cypress is Next Generation Front End Automation Testing Tool. It holds a great place in automation testing due to its fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
Cypress is way more powerful than the existing web automation tools such as Selenium, WebdriverIO due to its Architectural design.
Cypress is not only for TESTERS but also for DEVELOPERS as we can do Unit testing & Integration testing by mocking incoming network responses. It also have the ability to perform API testing.
By default, Cypress takes Screenshot for every test step and generate execution Mp4 Video after every test run.
There are many more WOW Factors like above which you will come across in Training.
I can promise you that by the end of this course you can start attending interviews for cypress or can work in the cypress projects.
Below are the Course Content :
  1. Introduction to Cypress
  2. Cypress Architecture & its advantages
  3. Cypress Installation & Project Setup
  4. Cypress Test Runner
  5. Cypress Folder Structure
  6. Locator Strategies & First Test in Cypress
  7. Command line arguments for Cypress
  8. Handling Basic UI Elements - Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Drop-downs
  9. Handling Advanced UI Elements - Alerts, Iframes, WebTables
  10. Cypress Framework Best Practises
  11. Hooks & Fixtures for Data driven testing
  12. Custom commands, Global configurations & Plugins
  13. Page object Design pattern with Cypress tests
  14. Cypress Dashboard features
  15. Mochawesome reporting feature
  16. Mocking API calls
  17. API/XHR Testing with Cypress
  18. Javascript Basics
Why else to wait. Purchase this course to become an expert in Cypress.
Wish you all the Best !!!
Who this course is for:
  • Automation Engineers
  • QA Engineers
  • QA Managers
  • QA Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • Manual testers
  • Software developers
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