Domestika - Storytelling Techniques for Conveying a Message

Domestika - Storytelling Techniques for Conveying a Message

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Discover the most powerful tool for effectively communicating your brand, business, or work through emotions​

At the heart of everything is storytelling. That’s the belief held by Gabriel García de Oro, a professional storyteller who works as the executive creative director and strategy advisor at Ogilvy Barcelona; he is also the author of more than 40 published books, a media columnist, and a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation.
Join Gabriel and discover how good storytelling is the most powerful tool to convey a message and ensure that it ends up on everyone’s lips. In this course, learn how to master the two key concepts of storytelling, emotional connection and engagement, to effectively communicate your brand, business, or work. Are you ready to discover your inner storyteller?


About this course​


  • U1
  • U2
    Storytelling: Stories That Tell
  • U3
    Designing an Engaging Story
  • U4
    Telling an Engaging Story
  • FP
    Final Project
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Begin the course by meeting Gabriel who tells you about his life experiences and his professional journey through the world of storytelling. He also talks about some of the biggest influences on his work and covers the course content.
Jump into the theory by broadening your understanding of stories and their power to engage and inspire people. Gabriel shows you several examples to demonstrate how the structure of engaging stories has remained the same for thousands of years and helps you recognize your inner storyteller.
In the next unit, learn more about the fundamental pieces of an engaging story including emotion, purpose, the importance of starting with a hook, and tips on how to maintain interest and create an ending.
To finish, focus on the external aspects of storytelling. First, identify your audience so you know how to persuade them. Then, choose the rights words and define your tone. Finally, create your story in different formats.

What is this course's project?​

Use storytelling to construct a narrative for your brand that connects with your audience.



Who is it for?​

Anyone interested in learning about how to build brands using the power of storytelling.

What you need​

You don’t need any previous knowledge to take this course, just the desire to tell a story.
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