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Updated 10-2021

Google Grant Adwords for Non Profits: Set Up High Performing Google Ads, Keep Your Grant & Manage Ads in 2 Hours a Month

What you'll learn​

  • Learn how to run an effective Google Grant Ad account, that will bring relevant, engaged traffic to your website
  • Master a time-efficient technique, that will enable you to keep your Google Ads performing with just an hour's work every 2-3 weeks
  • Understand the particular rules & restrictions on Google Grant Ad accounts, how to keep your account compliant & stop your Grant a/c from getting suspended
  • Be able to undertake keyword research
  • How to fix a Google Grant Adwords account that isn't performing, or restore an account that's been cancelled
  • Set up campaigns on Google Ads that will achieve real revenue for your non-profit
  • How to set up high Click Through Rate campaigns, so your account performs above Google's required minimum of 5% CTR
  • Know how to use Sitelinks and other Ad Extensions to increase click through and conversions
  • Understand the power of Google Ads for non-profit digital marketing


  • Access to a Google Grants Ad account - these are restricted to registered charities. If you are eligible for an account but not yet set up, this course provides instructions on how to get started.
  • This course is suitable for beginners so prior experience with Google Ads is not essential
  • Knowledge of basic digital marketing concepts such as search engine optimisation (SEO) is helpful


Google Grant Ads (also known as Adwords) are one of the absolute best digital promotion channels for charities and non-profits - Google provides a Grant of up to US$10,000 per month, which charities can spend on highly targeted digital ads. If a Google Grant Ad account is set up correctly and maintained well, it can drive highly engaged visitors and donors to your charity's site.
However, many charities struggle to use their Google Grant Adwords Accounts correctly, and Google introduced new compliance rules in 2018 which have led to many charities losing their Grants.
Maximise your Google Grant Adwords account, and learn a time-efficient technique for managing them, through this course from Digital Charity Lab.
In this course, you will learn:
  • How Google Adwords work, and their power as a digital marketing channel
  • About the Google Grant and how to apply
  • How to correctly set up your Grant Adwords account
  • 3 key concepts that will help you understand Google Grant Ads
  • How to research which of your services and campaigns you can usefully promote through Google Ads, and how to prioritise your campaigns
  • How to write ad copy that makes searchers want to click
  • About Google's rules for Grant Adwords accounts, and how to stay compliant with them
  • How to fix a non-compliant account
  • How to rescue a Google Grant Adwords account that's not performing
  • Specific skills and techniques that are crafted for non-profits and your particular business goals and challenges
You will get:
  • Multiple articles and downloadable guides
  • A checklist and plan of action for keeping your account performing
  • A checklist for fixing a non-compliant Google Grant account
  • Templates for brainstorming Ad campaign ideas, and for creating a campaign plan
This course is suitable for:
  • Anyone working for a charity who'd like to explore the very effective digital marketing channel that is Google Grant Ads
  • Anyone who needs to set up a new Google Grant Ads account
  • Anyone needing to fix an existing Google Grant Ads account that isn't performing, or is not complying with Google's rules
  • Fundraisers, campaigners, communications staff, information officers
  • People with Google Ads experience who'd like to learn skills specific to non-profits and Google Grant Ads accounts
"The clear and easy to follow advice from Digital Charity Lab enabled me to double our click throughs from Google Grants with just a couple of hours work. If you're not following their advice you're almost certainly not getting the best out of your grant."
- Justin Moran, Age Action

NB: this course does not cover Google Adwords Express - my recommendation is that you do not use it as its functions are too limited. See the section on Adwords Express for more information.

Who this course is for:​

  • Charity staff who want to learn how to use Google Grant Ads effectively for their non-profit or charity
  • Fundraisers, campaigners and communications teams in non-profits who would like to use Google Ads to promote campaigns, bring in donations and raise awareness
  • Anyone working in marketing for a non-profit
  • Charities who have a Google Grant Ad account that is not performing, or is failing to comply with Google's rules - this course will help you to fix your account
  • Charities who are struggling to find the time to manage their Google Grant Account - this course will show you a time-efficient technique
  • This course is also suitable for agencies or consultants working with non-profits
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