[EBook] Aurélie Vache- Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way

[EBook] Aurélie Vache- Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way

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Understanding Kubernetes can be difficult or time-consuming. I've created this collection of sketchnotes about Kubernetes in order to explain the Cloud technology in a visual way.

The book covers:

* Kubernetes components (etcd, API-server, scheduler, kubelet, controller manager, proxy...)

* Resources (Pods, Jobs, CronJobs, ConfigMaps, Secrets, Deployments, ReplicaSet, DaemonSet, Services, Ingress, PV, PVC...)

* QoS, Horizontal PodAutoScaler, Pod & Node Affinity, Network Policies...

* And also advanced concepts like RBAC, PSP, operations on Nodes...

* Debugging / Troubleshooting Kubernetes

* Tips

* Useful tools to use

The whole book includes "How To" with concrete examples for all concepts and illustrations that helps to understand abstract concepts.

If you like my work and want to contribute, you can, it will help me to improve the material in order to continue all the ideas I have for several series of sketchnotes about Istio (serie in progress), DevOps, Microservices, Golang ... :).

I hope this book will help you in your journey for understanding Kubernetes.
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