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Encryption and Cryptography for Professionals

Udemy Encryption and Cryptography for Professionals

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The complete guide to encryption and cryptography for developers

What you'll learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of cryptography
  • Learn advance encryption techniques
  • Learn practical cryptography from ground up

  • Basic knowledge of programming and mathematics is essential for completing the course

Data is the new oil of the 21st century, and guarding this oil has become a headache for many individuals & organizations. Today, people are always looking for various ways to protect their data. One such way is encryption that is a form of cryptography through which you can change information or decode it so that only a particular person can read it.
Everyone is using it- the government is using it to secure classified information, businesses are using it to protect corporate secrets, individuals are using it to guard personal data against any digital theft or piracy.
As of now, it has become one of the most effective forms of data security & still it’s underutilized. As per numerous studies, there has been a steady increase in the deployment of encryption solutions by businesses and organizations over the last few years. This has led to an increase in the fascination of cryptography & fascination. Considering this, we have curated this exclusive course that will teach you every essential concept revolving around Cryptography & Encryption so that you can help others protect businesses.
What Makes This Course So Special?
This course is uniquely curated with all the important concepts required to master Encryption from scratch. It will give you a unique perspective of cryptography, its importance along with some key elements of encryption.
This course unfolds with all the fundamentals by introducing you to the cryptography, information theory & building blocks of encryption. Once the basic is covered, the instructor will give you insights into symmetric encryption algorithms for data transfer & data storage, & then help you understand public-key cryptography.
You will also learn other essential concepts such as hash functions, hash algorithms, & so on. Lastly, to make you confident in encryption, we have also included some more advanced concepts such as Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Ring Signatures, Post-Quantum Cryptography & others.
This Course Includes-
1. Fundamentals of cryptography
2. Symmetric key cryptography- algorithms, security for bulk data transfer & data storage
3. Public key cryptography- introduction, ‘hard’ problems, asymmetric algorithms, public key infrastructure, cryptography for key sharing
4. Hash functions- Introduction, security assumptions, algorithms, hash functions for password security & data integrity
5. Advanced concepts- secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures, post-quantum cryptography, homomorphic encryption

Explore the world of encryption to save various businesses from data theft- Start today!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to master encryption and cryptography will find this course very useful
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