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Beginners to advance English Course

What you'll learn
  • Learning from the basic to advance English Grammar
  • Description and principles of writing formal, informal and semi-formal letter
  • Different styles of letter writing
  • Samples of formal and informal letters – written on different occasions and reasons
  • Samples of complaint letters
  • Condolence letters
  • How to develop writing skills
  • Drafting e-mails
  • Details of punctuation marks
  • Rules and usage of capital letters.
  • Conjugation exercises
  • Rules of spelling and explanation
  • Important and very useful idioms and their explanations
  • Important and very useful Proverbs
  • Forms of Conjugation and exercises
  • Usage of Auxiliary Verbs
  • Description and principles of writing formal, informal and semi-formal letter
  • Writing skills
  • Correction of common errors in sentences
  • Proof reading symbols and explanations
  • Different styles of manuscripts with proof reading symbols
  • Expressions and phrases use in drafting letters
  • Learning Clock time
  • Terminologies – French, Latin and Legal
  • Roman Numerals and
  • Important essays
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  • There is no specific requirement to this self-study course. Anyone who is willing to learn and enhance his knowledge in English can study this course.

The important features of this course are to facilitate a detailed and thorough English Grammar course especially for easy learning and understanding every aspect of grammar.
This self-study course gives the ability to learn and use the correct way of writing English grammar from basic to advance particularly for those graduates, students of middle and higher classes, Report writers, Editors, Analysts and people who work in an office environment. It is well designed and prepared to the point on all topics without any unusual explanation.
It teaches the students, how to build and write Sentences accurately without any grammatical mistakes. All the topics are explained step by step with examples to be able to understand well.
Almost every part of grammar that is basically useful has been covered in this course to enable students enhancing their knowledge. The main purpose of this course is to help and guide students to speak, write simple and correct English without any grammatical mistakes.

In addition to the English Grammar, added in this course, the following topics to enhance their knowledge:
Given the examples of different styles of letters formally and informally with samples of letters with different reasons, complaints etc.
This self-study course provides in detail all the aspects of office procedures and forms to be used in offices.
Importantly the proofreading symbols and manuscripts; these are very useful of all the users and particularly for the people who draft letters, review and edit documents. And furthermore, the candidates who are going to appear for typewriting examinations could be easily learned and understand and benefited with the different types of manuscript styles and usage of proofreading perfectly.
Conjugation is very important to learn speaking and writing correctly and fluently without any grammatical mistakes.
Clearly explained with examples of how to tell time correctly.

Who this course is for:
  • People working in office environment
  • Graduation students
  • Students of middle and higher classes
  • Candidates attending competitive examinations
  • Candidates attending typewriting / computer examinations
  • Beginners of learning English Grammar
  • People who review edit and draft reports, letters and analyses of various project reports
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