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Erick Wendel - Mastering Node.js Streams

Erick Wendel - Mastering Node.js Streams

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Learn the Node.js' most powerful feature for processing data on-demand, the Node.js Streams.​

A practical guide for you to learn how to process large loads of data on demand, such as processing videos, audio, integrations between systems, databases, and more using the powerful Node.js Streams.

You will be able to overcome and avoid problems of:​



High cost servers

You will learn in practice how to build and test complex projects at scale by:​

Understanding the difference between Web Streams and Node.js Streams.

Creating E2E and Unit tests when using Node.js Streams;

Using multiprocesses and multithreading in Node.js;

Seeding and consuming multimedia data on demand such as video and audio.

This advanced content was made for you who are already a mid-level or senior developer and want to become a JavaScript expert.
A teaching methodology assured by more than 100K students around the world.

The Mastering Node.js Streams won't be boring and confusing training as we've seen often out there.

Keeping the tradition for all my training courses, I'll do something that my Brazilian students love:

I'll build this training focused on what my students need most and what they wish this course could be.

This way I can build something custom towards your needs, and what you really want to learn, avoiding it being just a course that you watch the first class and never come back again.

In the platform, you'll receive a link for our exclusive community channel and will have the two modules already recorded and available to watch.

However, the next classes and modules will be gradually released according to your suggestions and feedback you'd give on our community so you can be part of this.

As I said, this training course is special. It'll be focused on what the people who registered for the first season really want to know and most struggle with about Node.js Streams.
Satoru Gojo
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    Course Updated 1-2023
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    Course Updated 12-2022

Latest reviews

quite a good training. a little bit fast, but i consider that a pro not a con.
please upload full course last modules missing
I was excited about going through this course given how many awards the author has... Well, I was gonna wait until finishing module 2, but being at the third video of module two I can tell so far that this course is rather bad. I don't know if it's because of his bad English, but it's just probably that he's good at coding but dreadful at teaching. Explanations are poor and disjointed, examples are contrived and don't make sense, sometimes he flies through files or actions without explaining what he's doing or why, and eventually you'll probably get sick of him saying "niiiiiice", when the content is far from nice. I understand that it all makes sense in his head but that's not suitable for teaching. Sorry for the rant, but this is just another good example of how developers with lots of awards are not necessarily good at teaching.
looks good so far, any update soon?