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Complete Tutorial -PowerQuery Basic to Advance

What you'll learn
  • How to use PowerQuery in Cleaning and Transforming the complex , unstructured and tidy data mess.
  • PowerQuery Ribbon features - Every feature is discussed with examples.
  • How to work with millions of rows coming from external sources or within excel sheets
  • You will see several complex projects and quizzes with solution to see the real use of powerquery in your office.
  • Data cleaning, mining, making it fit for reports - You shall learn in this.

  • You should have atleast excel 2010 installed and basic knowledge of Excel is must. No vba is needed.

  • This course covers the basic and advance PowerQuery
  • From installing the PQ to checking the system requirements and Its definition.
  • Covering the PQ ribbon - all features with examples in full detail
  • Why it is called ETL Tool - Extract Transform Load
  • Benefits of Powerquery over normal Excel spread sheets
  • Handling millions and billions rows efficiently
  • How to import data from different sources like txt , csv,folders, databases, excel sheets
  • Every minute detail about PQ ribbon features with the help of examples
  • Group by - Complete tutorial including projects
  • Date functions - Very easy and powerful
  • Text Functions in extracting the values is discussed, no need to build now excel formulas or VBA
  • PQ functions - CSV.Document , Excel.Currentworkbook, excel.workbook are discussed with practical examples
  • Transpose feature, UnPivot Feature - where and how they can be used.
  • Several practical projects for you with solutions - Amazing result driven projects for you
  • What are the different types of JOINS - Left Join, Right, Full, left anti, Right Anti - All are covered
  • How to use IF statements in PQ and how they are beneficial in real time projects
  • How to change the source or location of data, What is refresh and refresh all ,Connection only ,close and close and load to options
  • Several advance level projects with quizzes (solution given in lectures)
  • Online support 24*7 given by me to address your issues
Who this course is for:
  • All the students or professionals who do or want to be a data Analyst and shine in this industry should go for this.
  • If you work with millions of data or a data which is not properly structured and you do lot of steps to clean it first , before making reports on it.
  • if you want to make reports from tidy and unbelievable unstructured data stored in excel spreadsheets you can do it now without VBA.
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