Frontend30 - Master 30 Front-end Skills

Frontend30 - Master 30 Front-end Skills

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What will I learn?
In this course, you will learn 30 practical front-end skills and at the end of this course, you will be armed with solid front-end skills and help you build quality front-end products.

Throughout this course, you will learn:

  • HTML & Pug
  • CSS and JS basics
  • CSS/SASS Animations
  • JS Animations: GSAP, Velocity.js, Anime.js, Mo.js
  • SVG filter Animations
  • 2D Animations: HTML Canvas
  • 3D Animations: Three.js
  • Trigonometric functions for web animations
  • React JS + Styled Components
  • + so much more!
Who is this for?
This course is for anyone who loves front-end and wanted to improve their front-end skills.

The structure of this course is starting from CSS and progressing towards more advanced skills like JS animations and Three.js.

I tried my best to explain the basics of skills in detail, but it would be helpful if you already know some HTML, CSS and JS.
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