Full-stack Deno with GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL

Udemy Full-stack Deno with GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL

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Learn to build full-stack JWT authentication system with Deno, GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL

What you'll learn
  • Learn how to use Deno, Oak framework, and GraphQL to build functional GraphQL API
  • Learn how to integrate PostgreSQL database with Deno
  • Learn how to implement authentication and authorization logic to protect API routes
  • Learn how to handle Oak middleware functions
  • Use and manipulate Oak context object (Request, Response, Cookies, and etc.)
  • Learn how to send email in Deno
  • Learn how to integrate Deno web framework with React (NextJS) frontend application
  • Learn how to consume GraphQL API using Apollo Client (version 3)
  • Learn to use React Context API to manage state
  • Learn how to use React-hook-form
  • Learn how to protect routes in NextJS application
  • Learn how to persist state using Cookies
  • Learn how to use Typescript both in backend and frontend

  • A computer: macOS, Windows, or Linux
  • Know/Understand Javascript
  • Basic knowledge of Node and React
  • Basic understanding of Typescript will help, but not required as you can use Javascript
  • You do not need to have GraphQL knowledge

This course will guild you how to use/integrate modern and well-established technologies such as Deno.js, GraphQL, NextJS, and PostgreSQL to build a professional, real-world full-stack application.
# What are we going build?
  • A full-stack JWT authentication system
# What topics this course will cover?
  • Create web server with Deno.js and Oak framework
  • Create GraphQL server with Oak GraphQL library
  • Setup PostgreSQL database and connect to the server
  • Write GraphQL API (schema, queries, mutations)
  • How to use Oak middleware function
  • How to manipulate Oak Context and use it to pass data between middleware
  • How to use Cookies
  • How to create, send, and validate JWT token
  • Perform PostgreSQL Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations
  • How to send email in Deno.js
  • How to connect NextJS application with Deno web server using Apollo Client (v3)
  • Fetch data from GraphQL API with Apollo Client Hooks (useQuery, useMutation)
  • How to write Apollo Hooks as custom hook function
  • How to fetch data from GraphQL API on server-side in NextJS
  • Manage state with React Context API
  • How to protect route on client-side in NextJS
  • How to protect route on server-side in NextJS
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner to intermediate React/Nodejs web developers
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