GitHub Fundamentals: A Project-Based Learning Approach

Udemy GitHub Fundamentals: A Project-Based Learning Approach

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Learn GitHub step by step from scratch with hands-on practice & assignments - Start your journey to success!

What you'll learn
  • Master the git / GitHub workflow.
  • Create and merge pull requests and manage issues and contributors.
  • Perform critical operations on repositories such as create, clone, fork, edit and delete.
  • Master the GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax.
  • Create, manage and update local and remote repositories, branches and gists.
  • Contribute to other repositories on GitHub, to open source projects or even create your very own project!

  • Basic familiarity with git, git bash and basic concepts such as branches and commits.
  • You must have git installed on your computer and be able to work with git bash (commands used will be explained step by step).
  • Passion for computer science and spoonful of excitement.

Master the git / GitHub workflow through hands-on practice with a real project created for the course on GitHub, engaging visuals and video lectures and constant support on the discussions forums.
Student Reviews:
"The finest to-the-point course I have ever found on the internet for Git and Github. Did a great job. " - Priyanka Saggu.
"The course is structured really well and I am enjoying learning GitHub in this way."- Muhammad Shoaib Khan.
"I was new to git and github though not new to programming. This course gave me an excellent overview on how to manage my projects and collaborate with others." — Dana Lintea
"The length of the course in relation to the length of one lesson together with practical exercises gave me the feeling that I’m continuously making progress." — Sebastian Lis
GitHub is your next step to a bright future in software development!
You will learn how powerful GitHub can be and you will be able to:
  • Create, update and manage a repository.
  • Fork a repository.
  • Manage branches on your local and remote repository.
  • Contribute to other repositories and update changes.
  • Use GitHub Flavored markdown to write READMEs and comments on your GitHub discussions.
  • Read READMEs written for real-world projects.
  • Add collaborators to your project and analyze the statistics of your repositories.
  • Use GitHub’s labels and search bar to categorize issues and to find issues you would like to work on.
  • Create, edit, fork and delete gists.
Course Project:
The best way to learn GitHub is by diving into a real project that you can collaborate to. That is exactly what this course offers! I created a project on GitHub specially for you to apply what you learn in the course. Start contributing from day one!

This GitHub course includes:
  • Video lectures.
  • Discussions forums – Always there to help you!
  • PDF Handouts.
  • Articles.
  • Links to free helpful resources and readings.
  • Assignments.
  • and even more since it is constantly being updated!
We will use git bash and you will learn the git commands needed to work with git and GitHub.
Concepts and procedures will be explained step by step for both git and GitHub, and as a student, you will receive a PDF Cheat Sheet with all the commands used throughout the lectures and a glossary that you can download to introduce you to these topics.
You will analyze real-world examples of each element you learn, such as pull requests, issues, labels, READMEs and much more!
If you are a visual learner, this course is exactly for you! I designed it with engaging visuals and explanations to clarify intricate concepts.
Learn git and GitHub through a fun, engaging and hands-on learning experience! Practice makes perfect and you will practice git and GitHub thoroughly during the assignments.
GitHub is an amazing platform, start diving into its wonders and unleash your true power as a developer!
Enroll now and start your journey to mastering GitHub, see you inside!
Who this course is for:
  • Developers who are new to GitHub.
  • Developers who wish to expand their knowledge on GitHub.
  • Self-taught computer science enthusiasts who are looking forward to learn GitHub.
  • Programmers who wish to refresh their knowledge on the git / GitHub workflow.
  • Computer Science students who wish to learn how to work with GitHub.
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