GUI Development with Python and Tkinter

Udemy GUI Development with Python and Tkinter

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What you'll learn
  • Master GUI Development with Tkinter and Python!
  • Create multiple Tkinter projects, including forms, games, and even a chat app that interacts with a web API.
  • Fully understand the two most important Geometry Managers in Tkinter: grid and pack.
  • Learn how to use a wide variety of widgets, such as labels, entries, buttons, spinboxes, and even the Canvas!
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of how themes and styles work in Tkinter, as well as how you can create your own styles and use them in your applications.
  • Throughout the entire course, follow best practices for Python and Tkinter code as taught by a professional software developer with years of experience.

  • You should have some programming knowledge, with Python or another language. Although we provide a complete Python Refresher course that covers everything you need to know, this is not an introductory Python course.
  • You need a computer with either Linux, Mac, or Windows 10. Older Windows versions will work too but there can be some small issues that we can work around.
  • Developing on a mobile device is possible by using a web editor. How to do this is detailed inside the course.

Welcome to the highest-rated course on Udemy for learning to create desktop apps using Python GUIs with Tkinter!
If you're bored of creating console and text apps, you've come to the right place. We will help you take your apps to the next level by introducing Graphical User Interfaces that make your applications interesting and easy to use.
While everyone's talking about using Python for machine learning, data science, or web development, they're forgetting one massive use case: custom, specialized business tools.
There are so many companies, large and small, that do things for which there is no software. From manufacturing to small shops, medical practices, stores, film and movie studios... all of these struggle with a lack of technology in their industries. And for many of them, their in-house developers are often tasked with developing specific tools for specific use cases. GUIs help make their non-technical users more effective.
Here are a few more reasons to learn Tkinter:
  • Developing Python GUI applications using Tkinter will make your life much easier as a developer as the taught app structure is simple and straightforward
  • Tkinter applications can run almost anywhere and can be shared with others without requiring them to install Python
  • Python GUI apps made with Tkinter can look fully native to the Operating System, so they look and feel just like traditional desktop apps
  • Tkinter apps have full access to the user's computer, which means you can store data locally, safely and securely
So what's covered in the course?
This is the most comprehensive Tkinter course available on Udemy. We'll look at how you can:
  • Layout your Tkinter apps using the two most popular methods: grid and pack
  • Use Tkinter frames for more complex layouts
  • Add shortcuts and keybindings to your Python GUI apps
  • Use Object-Oriented Programming with Tkinter, and create your own custom widgets
  • Add styles to Tkinter apps using the new Themed Tkinter Widgets
  • Use fonts extensively in Tkinter, including named fonts
  • Split Tkinter apps into multiple files so working with them becomes much easier
  • Connect to web APIs to send and receive data, stored in the cloud
  • Build games using Tkinter and the super-powerful Canvas widget
  • Package and distribute your applications so your users don't need to install Python
We've also included a complete Python refresher for those of you new to Python (you'll still need some programming experience, otherwise this course may be a bit advanced!)
And also a full reference of many Tkinter widgets that you can come back to whenever you need to use any of them, even after finishing the course
In addition, Tkinter is a great way to take your Python to the next level. It allows you to put your app ideas and make them a reality.

Other students are loving this course!
> The course is straightforward and logically introduces new concepts. I am enjoying it so far!
> This course was perfect for no-frills refresher - and then some! The instructor is very engaging, is full of great suggestions and insight, and delivers his material perfectly.
> Excellent course! A lot of details explained well.
My name is Jose Salvatierra, and I'll be your instructor! I'm an experienced software developer turned instructor. Now a best-seller in Udemy, I've helped over 100,000 students in their programming journey.
Join us!
So if you've been wanting to create and distribute Python GUI applications, and you want to provide your users with intuitive, usable interfaces, this is the course for you!
Who this course is for:
  • If you already have some programming knowledge and want to broaden your skill set, and learn how to create desktop apps and share them with users.
  • If you'd like to create desktop tools to help with your business, this course will teach you how to do that effectively.
  • Finally, this course is for anyone who wants to build desktop apps with Python!
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