Hands-On HR Analytics Online Course for Human Resources

Udemy Hands-On HR Analytics Online Course for Human Resources

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People Analytics & Analytical Process to Human Capital | XL & Open Source Data Mining & ML Tools | 6 Data Assignments

What you'll learn
  • Select relevant HR Metrics relevant for your organization and build HR Dashboards
  • Know what data to look for in various scenarios relating to HR
  • Select the right analytics methods/tools for a given HR scenario
  • Create Histograms, Boxplots and perform necessary analysis to validate various HR Scenarios with data
  • Use scatter diagram, correlation, chi-square test, ANOVA, T-Test to validate HR Hypotheses
  • Build simple predictive models using Regression
  • Lead a HR Analytics project

  • HR professionals with exposure to HR processes

Updated in Nov 2020
Details of Update: Added 9 new lectures that covers step by step procedure to perform various HR Analytics and Data visualization using 'Orange' - A powerful open source data mining and ML tool

HR Analytics or People Analytics is about taking people based decisions using data. That way HR Analytics can touch every division of HR and improve its decision making including Talent Acquisition and Management, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, HR Operations, Learning and Development, Leadership Development, etc.
Business Leaders accept that use of HR analytics to HR decisions may them more promising and accurate.
Most organizations today sit on a pile of data, thanks to HRMS & Cloud storage. However, in the absence of a proper HR analytics tool or necessary capability in HR professionals, these useful data or information we are talking about might be scattered and unused.
A HR Professional with right Analytics capability can interpret and transform this valuable data in useful statistics using HR and big data analytics to insights.
People Analytics will make Human Resources Department a true and valuable business partner.

Hands-on HR Analytics Online Course Structure
  • 5 HR Datasets will be used to help you learn HR analytics
  • Includes 6 Hands-On Assignments
    • Gender Parity Analytics
    • Compensation & Benefits - Descriptive Analytics Screening & Outlier Analysis
    • Recruitment Analytics
    • Employee Attrition Analytics
    • Employee Satisfaction Analytics
  • Introduction to HR Analytics
    • Concept, Evolution of HR Analytics & Role of Analytics in HR
    • Case studies of HR Analytics – Machine Learning and AI in HR
    • Types of HR Analytics and Maturity Level of HR Analytics
  • HR Metrics that you can use
    • HR Dashboarding Tips
  • Descriptive Analytics
    • Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Distortion
    • Distribution Plots, Box Plots
    • Outlier Analysis
  • Diagnostic Analytics
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Confidence Levels, Alpha and Beta Risks
    • Hypo Test Selection
    • Chi-square test
    • T- Tests
    • ANOVA
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Correlation
    • Line of Best, Rsq, VIF
    • Multi Linear Regression
    • Overview of Logistic Regression
Tools Used:
  • Open Source "Orange" Data Mining and ML Tool
  • MS Excel Tool
  • Free Excel based Add-ons
Who this course is for:
  • HR professionals & managers who are required to analyze and solve HR issues based on data
  • MBA HR Students
  • HRBP & HR Generalists
  • L&D Professionals
  • C&B Professionals
  • Recruitment Professionals
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