How to Build a Micro SaaS That Makes Money & Earns Recurring Revenue

How to Build a Micro SaaS That Makes Money & Earns Recurring Revenue

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This step-by-step academy shows you how to build, scale, and profit from your own micro software as a service (SaaS) product with no funding needed.

So you can achieve financial freedom.

You have no idea what to do next...

And it's not from a lack of trying...
You have the programming skills and for months you've spent countless hours staring at a screen...
Trying to figure out how to start and build your own small software as a service product.
A business promising freedom, security, and the ability to work from any corner of the globe.
You’ve brainstormed tons of ideas and you’ve even tried building a few products.
But still... You have no idea how to actually succeed.
Even if you could launch a product successfully.
The stats are not your friend...
98% of micro SaaS products end up failing.
And 9 out of 10 never make any money whatsoever.
Most micro SaaS products follow these steps...
  • Think of a cool idea.
  • Spend 6-12 months building a fully featured product with an amazing design.
  • LAUNCH. The day is finally here! You can now start getting paying users. So you blast it across all your social media accounts.
  • Your response? No sales...
  • BUT... Your product is "perfect" so you wait for things to work...
  • Still. No customers sign up.
  • So you throw everything at the wall... You add more features.... You try paid ads.... You try blogging....
  • But still no customers
  • Weeks turn to months... But nothing seems to work.
  • Eventually you turn the servers off. Not "giving up" but saving it for a later date when the market is actually ready for what you have to offer...
You start to wonder... How can I be the exception?
How can I successfully start, launch, and make money from my own micro SaaS?
What if there was a framework? A process? A complete program?

Let Me Introduce You To The Step-By-Step Micro SaaS Academy.

Learn how to find and validate your micro SaaS idea, build an addictive product, and market your micro SaaS successfully to thousands of customers.
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